RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill and driver review: A toolbox must have for the avid or beginner DIYer

The RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill and driver is a convenient, budget-friendly addition to the brand's ONE+ line

women using ryobi cordless drill
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Real Homes Verdict

A lightweight, convenient must-have that tackles basic fixes and more complicated projects with power and ease.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Works with universal Ryobi ONE+ 18v battery

  • +

    400 in./lbs. of torque

  • +

    Powerful, but compact

  • +

    Value-friendly price point

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pros may need something more powerful

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As an avid DIYer, there are a few tools I always recommend for anyone who is looking to build their tool box. Whether you're simply trying to put together the basics to help around the house, or you're someone who is looking to start tackling more DIY projects, there are a few tools that are essential, non-negotiable must-haves, and a solid drill/driver is one of them. In fact, as a DIY blogger, I use this tool almost every day. 

I’m always interested in trying new brands, so when I was asked to review the RYOBI ONE+ HP 18VCordless Drill/Driver, I was excited to see how it performed. I have lots of friends who have recommended Ryobi tools, but I have never tried one myself, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to see how the brand would compare to others. 

This Ryobi drill was particularly interesting to me because it's part of the brand's ONE+ line, a collection of more than 200 cordless tools that can share the same 18V battery. The collection features everything from a brad nailer, to a miter saw, to a few types of drills and drivers, all of which can use one battery (though I'd always recommend having a backup so you always have a charged battery ready to go). It's a nice way to save space and money, and I've been curious about this line for a while. 

I tested the drill out on a few projects around my new home, and here's what I thought. 

RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill: Features

Ryobi cordless drill

(Image credit: Liz Hartmann)
RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill & driver: Key Specs

Compact at 6.4 in.
400 in./lbs. of torque
2-speed motor provides 0-450 / 0-1,700 RPM
3-year manufacturer warranty
Battery works with 225 RYOBI 18V ONE+ cordless tools

It's cordless

The first thing I like about this drill is that it's cordless. This can be a personal preference, since corded drills overall tend to be more powerful, but I prefer cordless for sheer convenience. In fact, this characteristic is a must have for me. There is enough to worry about when DIYing, and having a cordless drill makes things that much easier because I don't need to worry about getting out an extension cord or finding an outlet to finish a project. 

The battery is easy to use and interchangeable

The cordless aspect brings me to another feature that I loved about this drill, which is the battery and charger. It might not seem like a huge deal to some, but having tried quite a few brands of tools myself, one of the things that draws me to the brands that I love are the ease of use. 

At the end of a long day of projects, having to struggle with the battery charger is something that can really bother me. The Ryobi charger makes life incredibly easy. The way that the battery and charger are designed, I was able to easily slide the battery into place with the confidence that it would start charging. There was no need to line it up correctly and risk the battery not making a secure connection with the charger. I just dropped it in.

It's lightweight and compact

Working on a project with a heavy drill can be extremely tiresome, so a drill that won’t make my arm sore is a game changer. This drill is part of Ryobi's brushless compact series, which is designed to be smaller and more efficient without losing power. It was definitely manageable, with allowed me to work for longer periods of time and get more done. Plus, since it measures in at just over 6", it's easier to maneuver into tight spaces than a standard-size drill (especially a corded one). 

It has a light

Just because the tool is compact doesn't mean it lacks extras. This drill has an onboard LED light that helps you see into dark corners and hard-to-reach spaces while you work. 

The price is right

Tools can get expensive and add up quickly, and so a reasonable price point, paired with a quality product is something that I often look for when choosing my tools. Coming in at under $100 for the drill is definitely a plus for me. Sometimes I worry that an inexpensive product may not perform as well as others, but the quality of the Ryobi Drill/Driver impressed me, and I didn’t feel like it was cheap at all.

How the RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill compares to similar products

woman using a drill

(Image credit: Liz Hartmann)

Speaking of quality, there were a few things about this drill that impressed me. The battery life was the first thing that I noticed, which is thanks in part to the drill's brushless motor design.

I was able to work with this drill for three days of projects before I had to charge it. I loved that! I kept waiting for the drill to tire out, but it just kept going. I was also impressed with the power of this drill. As I mentioned earlier, it will sometimes worry me that a product won’t perform as well if it is inexpensive, but I didn’t find this to be the case with this drill. The power compared well (if not better) to a much more expensive drill in my toolbox, which was a pleasant surprise.

RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill: The final verdict

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Ryobi Cordless Drill/Driver to… well, anyone really! I think it would make a great gift for someone who is dipping their toes into DIY, or anyone who enjoys tackling everyday projects around the house. The features of the drill, ease of use, price point, and performance of the product all impressed me. This was the first time that I had used a Ryobi tool, the quality makes me want to try more Ryobi tools as well!

RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V cordless drill: Where to buy

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