Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner review: the ultimate time-saver for busy households

Our Real Reviewer Courtney takes the Roborock S7 robot vacuum to the test. This is how it completely upgraded her routine

Roborock S7
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Real Homes Verdict

After exploring every functionality of both the app and Roborock I could find over the last few weeks, I couldn’t wait to share my verdict! The new Roborock S7 is sleek, simple to set up, and offers considerable convenience. Beyond these obvious advantages, it does an impressive job deep cleaning both carpet and hardwood/hardwood alternatives. This vacuum can be scheduled in advance, or run at any time from the easy-to-install app.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Does a great job on carpet, leaving those lines that give us serious satisfaction

  • +

    Super easy to remove and dispose dirt from vacuum

  • +

    Can be programmed to clean on a schedule

  • +

    App is easy to use and you can start the Roborock from anywhere!

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Initial mapping did not inherently recognize hardwood vs. carpet

  • -

    Charge dropped from 100% to 38% during each clean (not a problem in my home, but may have to recharge if you have a larger space)

  • -

    The Roborock will not connect to 5G internet (tip: worth checking what kind of home internet you connect to prior to purchasing!)

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At Real Homes, we're always on the hunt for products that make our routines a little easier so we can get back to the things that matter. We tasked our Real Reviewer, Courtney, an Ohio-based mom of three, to try the all-new Roborock S7 robot vacuum and floor mopper, where she incorporated it into her busy family lifestyle. 

So, what makes this one of the best robot vacuums? The magic lies in that the Roborock S7 can vacuum and mop at the same time, so only one cycle is needed. But what about carpets and area rugs around your home? It uses ultrasonic sound to recognize the carpet and intelligently lifts up the mop component without interruption. Plus precise navigation home mapping across up to four levels and powerful suction round out this floorcare helper. 

Sounds game-changing to your cleaning routine! Right? Read on for Courtney's complete experience with the Roborock S7 robot vacuum. 

roborock s7

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First Impressions and Unboxing

Roborock S7 Specs

Maximum power: 68W/ 2500Pa Dust capacity: 470mL Water tank capacity: 300mL Runtime: Up to 180 minutes Charge time: Approx. 6 hours Noise level: 67dB Vacuum Dimensions:  Weight:  10.36lb Filter: Yes Warranty: 1 year 

When the Roborock arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to open it, but, as most parents are keenly aware, that’s not always a simple task. In this case, it was surprisingly easy! It was divided into a handful of pieces and took less than five minutes to put together.

First things first, the Roborock is super easy on the eyes. It’s sleek and ultra-modern looking, and docking it in the hallway doesn’t kill my decor. There was a user manual, and a setup guide to help with downloading the app and connecting to the internet. Worth noting: the Roborock will not connect to 5G internet and the guide clearly states this. This gets a bit tricky though when your home internet is 5G! A quick call to AT&T resolved this but would have thrown my less-than-handy husband for a loop.

Roborock s7

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What is it like to use?

So. Insanely. Easy.

Seriously. It requires no effort beyond the tap of a button. And, let’s be honest- you’re probably already on your phone! The Roborock is controlled by the app, so 1. You have to download the app before using it, and 2. Of course, this was something I played around with!

The first time you use the Roborock S7, it prompts you to map your home. It uses sensors to identify walls and obstructions and occasionally runs into the odd toy. Don’t underestimate this device; it will find a way to squeeze into small spaces and corners.

The mapping is awesome because it zones your home into areas (aka rooms). Here, you're also able to establish no-go and no-mopping zones for areas you don't want the Roborock S7 to go, like near a pet's bed or to avoid any wires. There’s even a neat hidden feature on the app that allows you to change the vacuum power and scrub intensity! You can choose between four settings ranging from mild to deep clean.

You can choose to clean the entire floor or an individual area. This is my favorite feature! Each night after dinner I run the Roborock in the dining area and voila, no trace of children! It’s slightly louder than I was expecting, but nothing the sound of three kids doesn’t drown out.

Once I even decided to try the app 10 miles away from home. I thought my kids would get a kick out of the “robot” turning on by itself, and I was admittedly curious too. It worked! By the time I got home, the playroom was already swept and the Roborock was working magic in the living room.

roborock s7

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How does it compare to similar products you’ve used?

It is like my Dyson married my Bissell and they united into one. The Roborock far exceeded my expectations, and then some. My main concern before using was whether the strength would be comparable to my traditional vacuum and mop. The verdict: it is! I tested each setting, and didn’t notice much of a difference between the standard and deep clean. Regardless, it was still an effective clean every time.

It did get stuck in the same spot on two separate cleans, which required me to reset the Roborock. When you reset the device, it’s not able to complete the clean or resume where it left off, which is a bummer. I decided to give it a little grace, though, considering all the time it’s saved me!

Obviously, because you aren’t in control of the device, you can’t dictate its path. A few times I wondered where the heck it was going, but it got every corner! It even makes it home all on its own (you know, to the charging dock).

Another thing I loved: you can follow it on a map if you’re not home. It shows the route it’s taking so you know exactly where it’s cleaned.

Unlike my traditional vacuum and mop, the Roborock is much easier to clean up! The bin it holds dirt in is obviously smaller (it’s a smaller device), but I don’t have to wrestle the Roborock to take it out. It’s just as easy to put back in, which honestly deserves a celebration.

The dirty mop water is just as easy to dump as the dirt, and cleaning it is a breeze. A simple rinse through with water does the trick. I much prefer this over the hassle of cleaning my mop.

Roborock S7

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Is it worth the money?

100%. It might have a mind of its own as it cruises through your house, but it cleans. And it cleans well. The Roborock website claims it scrubs up to 3,000x/minute using sonic vibrations, and I believe it. This bad boy used those little scrubbers to clean dried applesauce off the hardwood and left no streaks!

Vacuuming and then mopping takes me an hour. The Roborock does both in 45 minutes. Those are 45 minutes I have to cook dinner, take the kids to swim, or relax. That alone makes it worth the $$$!

Fun fact: Vacuums can run up to $1k! Fancy electric/spin mops aren’t chump change, either. The Roborock combines the best technology of both, and this model is half the price of some traditional vacuums.

Roborock S7

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Roborock S7: Our Verdict

The Roborock is no doubt an investment, but a good one. It tackled questionable grime and also picked up the never-ending dust and hair. It’s a time saver, which is amazing when you’re constantly on-the-go. Sometimes convenience is worth the cost, and this is one of those times.

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