This Parachute mattress topper is the cure for an uncomfortable mattress — especially if you're a back sleeper

Back sleepers, this one's for you

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As a back sleeper, I’m obsessed with this Parachute Mattress Topper. Known for their line of premium bedding and home goods, Parachute is knocking it out of the park with this down alternative topper. With 3 inches of thickness, this down alternative topper adds a certain luxuriousness to any mattress.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft and fluffy

  • +

    Great for side and back sleepers

  • +


  • +

    Baffle box construction prevents shifting

  • +

    OEKO-TEX Standard

  • +

    3-year warranty

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Dry clean only

  • -

    No elastic straps

  • -

    Perhaps too soft for front sleepers

  • -

    No trial period

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Parachute Mattress Topper Review: Quick Menu

If you’re anything like me, replacing a mattress feels like a monumental task. Thankfully, the Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper has saved my butt (literally). I first got my mattress 9 years ago, in a resident-donated “free zone” in my apartment complex. What started as a memory foam heaven recently became a sunken, sad mess with a serious sag from years of starfish sleeping. Alliterative description aside — I was just about to give up on this mattress and start the search for a new one.

My luck turned around when I was given the chance to review this incredibly comfortable mattress topper. Now that I’ve been sleeping on it for a month, I can officially say I’m never going back to a topper-less mattress.

This Parachute mattress topper is made of 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill — which is perfect for a sniffly, asthmatic like myself — and features a 100% cotton sateen shell. It has a plush 3-inch thickness with baffle box construction to prevent shifting or sliding off the bed. It comes in 6 different sizes, with even a Twin XL option at $199 so all your college dorm-mates will be jealous. And Parachute offers a 60-day return policy just in case you decide you don’t like sleeping on a literal cloud.

Here are my thoughts as I spent four weeks snoozing on top of it, day and night.

TLDR: What I thought of this Parachute Mattress Topper

I’ve never actually owned a mattress topper before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a back sleeper, I prefer a soft but supportive firmness. When I opened the package, I quite literally gasped — I was shocked at how thick and squishy it was. This is definitely on the softer side in terms of support. I think it would pair best with a medium to firm mattress.

After just one night, I was hooked. The sunken part of my mattress suddenly became unnoticeable, and between the topper and my down-filled duvet, I felt like I had slept in a pita pocket made from clouds. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed with both the topper and the straight 9 hours of sleep I had that night.

Like anything fluffy, I was slightly concerned about it being too insulating. I started testing this mattress topper in the peak of Texas summer (one of the hottest on record!), and I’m happy to say I had zero problems with sleeping too warm on it. If it can last for a straight month of 100+ degrees, I’m confident it can handle any climate. 

I can confirm that it's comfortable for back sleepers, and due to its feel it should be fine for side sleepers too, but this will depend on the type of mattress that's underneath it. Front sleepers, though, should probably give this one a miss as it won't be firm enough.

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Test results
ComfortGreat for back sleepers, moulds to body.★★★★★
BreathabilitySurprisingly good, a great topper for hot climates.★★★★★
PackagingRecyclable box, bag that can be reused.★★★★★
PriceAffordable, from $199 for a Twin.★★★★★

Testing the Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper on top of mattress in bedroom

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Bailey Cain author image
Rose Cain

I’m Rose, a true-to-form Taurus who adores a good night of comfy sleep. I was gifted this mattress topper by Parachute to review, and I’ve been enjoying testing it out for a month now.

Bailey's sleep stats: • Sleep position: Back sleeper • Insomnia: No • Sleep problems: Hot sleeper • Average sleep time: 8-9 hours

The important stuff

  • Type: Down alternative
  • Cover: 100% cotton sateen
  • Fill: 100% hypoallergenic microfiber
  • Thickness: 3 inches
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Cost: $199+
  • Care: Dry clean only
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Trial: None

Unboxing the Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper

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The mattress topper comes in a pretty traditional thick, plastic bag with rope carry handles. I will probably reuse this bag at some point, whether for storing an extra comforter or for moving house, which makes it quite handy. Otherwise, the box it came in was recyclable. The card tucked into the bag has minimal text — the size and material makeup. The only thing I wish it had said was the care directions. I had to stop myself from chucking it in the washer and go to the website to see that it is in fact dry clean only.

Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper in bag

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Straight out of the package, the topper had zero odor to my surprise. I gave it a quick spritz of the laundry spray I use (helloooo lavender and chamomile!) and laid it out over my mattress. Because of the baffle box construction, the infill is evenly distributed, and I didn’t have to fluff it up at all.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting is that there are no elastic straps on this topper. I solved this by slipping my Amazon mattress pad over the topper to keep it in place. After adding my cotton percale sheets and down-filled duvet, I was feeling pretty good about my sleeping setup. My bed gained some height and looked perfectly inviting. It didn’t move at all throughout the night which surprised me since it doesn’t have straps. That said, I would recommend a mattress protector to keep it in place, especially one that has a terry-cloth material or something that has a bit of friction.

Is the Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper comfortable?

Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper on top of mattress

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Like most people who live alone, I talk to myself regularly. As soon as I slipped under the covers, I said out loud, “Oh wow, that’s the stuff.” I felt like I was staying at a five-star luxury resort, minus the room service. 

On the first night of testing, I slept so comfortably that I missed my 7 a.m. alarm and didn’t wake up til 8. A little extra rushing to get ready for work was completely worth it—I hadn’t slept that peacefully in a long time. Oversleeping my alarm soon became a theme with this mattress topper, as it happened four more times during the month. Do with that what you will and maybe set a second alarm (trust me).

I’m a back sleeper and this topper perfectly conformed to my body. I was so excited about it that I made a couple of friends come over and lay on it just to see what kind of paradise I was living in. Even my boyfriend who has trouble sleeping soundly slept through the night on this topper.

Edge support
There isn’t a ton of edge support to this mattress topper by itself. My mattress is a relatively firm memory foam material so when I sit on the edge of the bed, I don’t slide off. The mattress topper had no impact on the edge support, and I think it would largely depend on what your mattress is like.

Motion transfer
Again, I think this largely depends on what type of mattress you have, but on my memory foam, I was able to place a glass a few inches from my body, roll side to side, and not have the glass move at all! Perfect for not disturbing your sleeping partner. 

Is the Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper breathable and cool?

Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper on bed underneath protector

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Because I live in a hot climate, I typically run warm when I sleep. Although I was hesitant about adding something else to my bed — especially something filled with down alternatives — I had zero issues with sweating or getting overheated. That's not to say that this is a cooling mattress topper, but it definitely did not add heat to my sleep setup, which was great.

I’m no scientist, but I’m guessing the 100% cotton sateen shell is what keeps this topper light and breathable. It was with this mattress topper that I learned cozy does not always equate to warm, and for that I am grateful.

Is the Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper right for you?

If you’re dealing with an older mattress or one that maybe isn’t the best quality, I would absolutely recommend the Parachute mattress topper. It adds a plush thickness that feels luxurious and soft to the touch. For a couple hundred bucks, your bed can go from drab to fab without having to shell out for an entirely new mattress. Good sleep, in my opinion, is priceless—or in this case, about $300.

Invest in this mattress topper if:
You want to revamp an old mattress…or make a new mattress even better
You like a soft, fluffy bed and sleep on your side or back
You want something hypoallergenic

Avoid this mattress topper if:
You avoid the dry cleaners
You want something with a trial period
You're a front sleeper — it might be too soft

If that's what you're after, or you think there might be a better topper out there for you, here are a few options we've also tested:

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