Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Pod Coffee Machine review

If you enjoy coffee shop-style coffee then read our Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Pod Coffee Machine review. Here's how it fared in our homes...

Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Pod Coffee Machine
(Image credit: Lavazza)
Real Homes Verdict

Having cappuccino on tap has never been easier than with this pod coffee machine – we wouldn’t be without it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Speciality coffee on tap

  • +

    Zero effort

  • +

    Stylish design

  • +

    Easy cleaning

  • +

    Quite quiet

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    If you prefer ground beans

  • -

    If you want big brews

If you want to become a one touch barista then get the Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Pod Coffee Machine in your life. This is an elegantly designed pod coffee machine that delivers a really decent cup of Joe, that can match your favourite coffee shop standards. The epitome of easy and delicious coffee, whether you’re a wake up and smell the espresso kind of person, or just looking for lazy Sunday latte vibes, this machine does it all quickly, efficiently and at a pretty affordable cost too.

Definitely up there as one of the best coffee machines around this year, keep scrolling to find out exactly why.

Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Coffee Machine Specifications 

  • Coffee type: pod (Lavazza A Modo Mio eco caps) 
  • Pressure: n/a 
  • Water tank capacity: 1.1L 
  • Cups: 1
  • Weight: 4.5 kg 
  • Dimensions: W14.5 x D38 x H28cm

Who will the Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Coffee Machine suit?

Anyone who can’t live without coffee, especially frothy coffee. The Desea will have been a lifesaver for anyone over the lockdown period, and is still a great coffee machine to have on hand, whether you’re working from home full time or more just a little more regularly. Faff-free and (fairly) quiet frothing, so much so that you may even get away with making one on a zoom call… 

Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Pod Coffee Machine

(Image credit: Lavazza)

What's the Lavazza Desea A Modo Mio Coffee Machine like to use?

It’s really very easy, whether you want a milky beverage or not. The first time you use the machine, you’ll need to rinse the water tank out and refill it with fresh water to the max level. Plug it in and press the on/dispense button which will light up all the indicator lights. It’s very exciting. Once the on/dispenser button stops flashing white, the machine has completed its heating cycle and is ready. Before you use your very first capsule, you must dispense 0.5L of water to clear the system. Hold the lever down, and press the free dose button until the water has passed through.

Once complete, the fun can start. If you just want a black americano, espresso ristretto, lungo – you name it – you can place your own mug or espresso cup of choice on the cup support, provided that it fits. Then lift the lever, add your pod and lower the lever. Once the white light has stopped flashing on the on/dispense button, select the drink symbol of your choice and your machine will start brewing, until a final beep to indicate that your drink is ready.

If you’re in the mood for a cappuccino, latte, cafe macchiato, or if you just want to steam some milk, you’ll need to fill the milk jug up to the corresponding drink symbol and seal it with the lid and attached frother. Slot this into the machine, ensuring it levels up on the cup support. As above, lift the lever and insert your pod of choice. Lower the lever, select the coffee you want and smell the coffee.

Design and favourite features

The design is modern and it comes in a cool red/brown colour which will look great on all kitchen counters and/or breakfast bars. 

A favourite feature has to be the extra hot button. Select it so that it lights up, before selecting your drink of choice if you like your coffee to stay warmer for longer. This machine is energy efficient and will switch to stand-by mode automatically after nine minutes of no use to conserve energy.

Cleaning and maintenance 

There’s no guessing when you need to clean your Desea, as there are handy warning lights for all the machine’s main maintenance needs. We touched on the first use of this machine, and dispensing water on a regular cycle without a capsule can be used to clean the machine after first use also. Note that you should also clean the milk frother and jug before first use.

Otherwise, all removable components are dishwasher safe, even the jug and wand, just be sure to wash them separately and on a low temperature. 

If the capsule tray is full, the warning light, in the shape of a capsule, will shine red. Simply pull out the tray using the small handle (it may need more of a tug), empty it, clean it and re-insert it.

When it comes to descaling, the symbol will flash (so handy). Lavazza recommends using its own descaling agent and the process set out in the manual is very easy to follow.

The results: what does Desea coffee taste like?

Lavazza eco caps deliver great taste and a well balanced brew. Depending on which you go for, you can enjoy sweet, bitter or more acidic notes. The eco caps are biodegradable which is brilliant, and all the milk-based coffee drinks have a lovely smooth finish to them. 

Something to consider...

You may lose a bit of froth and heat when you transfer your cappuccino to your own mug, from the jug. This is more of an issue for plant-based milk drinkers, but doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee whatsoever. It just may not be as Insta-perfect as you’d hoped! Otherwise, for big coffee drinkers, you may want to double up on espresso caps when making large cappuccinos to ensure you get the perfect coffee (and caffeine) to milk ratio. 

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