Will this weekend's heatwave last?

With temperatures set to climb to 30ºC thanks to the Spanish Plume this weekend, the big question is: are we in for a long heatwave?

Heatwave: exterior of lake house
(Image credit: Future/Colin Poole)

Heatwave 2019? It's finally looking more likely, with temperatures across the UK expected to climb to a baking 30ºC down South this Saturday, and hot weather forecast country wide. But, with the muggy and rainy weather we're experiencing in the lead-up to a weekend of sun and heat, what does the weather have in store for July?

If you love hot weather, you're in luck: the Met Office are now confidently predicting 'warm or very warm, locally hot' weather in the first week of July. What they can't tell us, though, is whether it will be sunny, so prepare yourself for hot, cloudy, and muggy weather, with some sunny spells in between. This is all great news for UK gardens, which are likely to get plenty of rain, warmth, and the occasional few hours of sun.

As for the rest of July, the predictions are very uncertain at this point, with the possibility of hot and dry weather in the east of the UK, with more unsettled and thundery spells in the South and West. In other words, get your wellies ready – as well as your bikinis. Nice look for Glastonbury, at least.