Treat yourself to a Woodwick candle – the ultimate self-care essential is just £19.99

Get through the final week of January with the help of a Woodwick candle – this self care essential crackles like a real fire and is currently just £19.99 at Amazon

woodwick candle
(Image credit: Woodwick)

January is almost over (hallelujah, we hear you cry), but, we've still got a long, hard week to trudge through before we make it to the finish line. So, we're calling in back up, from the veterans of self-care and the makers of the best winter candles around: Woodwick.

While self-care often triggers thoughts of long beach holidays and indulgent massages, we're here to remind you that (if you're broke, like us) even the smallest change can have the biggest impact on your mood. There is no denying that candles are one of the best – and most affordable – self-care options around. 

Capable of completely transforming the ambience of a space, lighting a candle or two is just what you need to unwind and push through the final week of what has been a truly miserable January. So, when we spotted Woodwick Ellipse Scented Candles retailing for just £19.99 at Amazon – that's down from their usual £26.99 – we just had to share the news.

What is it that we love so much about Woodwick candles? Well, for starters, they crackle like a real fire when burning, which is not only super therapeutic, but also makes you feel that little bit closer to nature – despite the fact that you're actually snuggled up inside, just go with it.

We're also a little in love with the range of scents available – everything from 'evening bonfire' and 'lavender spa', to 'warm wool' and 'at the beach' – and their ability to help us escape the monotony of daily life. Add to that, the seriously impressive 50 minute burning time offered by the Ellipse range and you're starting to get a pretty good idea of why we're such fans.

So, why not indulge yourself in a little luxury to see out the end of January in style, and to welcome in what will (hopefully/most definitely) be a more cheery February. Shop the Woodwick Ellipse Scented Candles below...

Woodwick Ellipse Scented Candles | Was £26.99, now £19.99 | Save £7
Indulge in a luxurious scented candle from Woodwick and enjoy an impressive 50 minutes of cracking burn time. Scents include At The Beach, Evening Bonfire, Evening Onyx, Fireside, Lavender Spa, Linen, Oudwood, Pure Comfort, Sand & Driftwood, Soft Chambray, Warm Wool and Wood Smoke. View Deal

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