This small tumble dryer can fit in the teeniest of spaces – and it's under £135

Need a small tumble dryer now the cold weather is here? This one is compact, super affordable and very quiet. Those who are micro-living may want to take a peek...

Small tumble dryer: White Knight C37AW Compact 3kg Tumble Dryer
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On the hunt for a small tumble dryer? Since slimline tumble dryers aren't a thing, it can be tricky to find a smaller than usual model – but a must if you've not got much space in your home. It's also important when buying this appliance, whatever its size, that it's still one of the best tumble dryers around. Fear not – we've done some deep digging and have found the best small tumble dryer on the web, and it's available at Amazon.

In case you're wondering, this small tumble dryer's dimensions are H67cm x W50cm x D47cm – the average tumble dryer measures around H85cm x W60cm x D60cm. That's a big difference.

Interested in purchasing? Amazon reviewers rate it 4.4 out of five stars, if that helps sway your judgement. Scroll to shop and for more info.

White Knight C37AW Compact 3kg Tumble Dryer | £136.99

White Knight C37AW Compact 3kg Tumble Dryer | £136.99
The White Knight C37AW is a vented tumble dryer so will need to be placed near an exterior wall. Its compactness does mean it has just a 3kg drum capacity. This is perfect if you don't plan on tumble drying everything you own all at once. While it may not be flooded with features, it's a great option if you're after a compact, no-frills tumble dryer. It features two heat settings and a 140 minute timer, and it's rated C for energy.

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