This clever new cot mattress is designed to last until your child is 7

Find out how Snüzsurface – an adaptable mattress that's the first of its kind – provides the optimal level of support for both babies and older children

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If you're about to have a baby, and are shopping around for a cot mattress, you might like to take a look at a new adaptable mattress, developed by Snüz. 

Best know for Snüzpod, a multi-award winning bedside crib that helps parents to co-sleep with their newborn while eliminating the associated risks, Snüz is now launching SnüzSurface, an adaptable mattress that's as well suited to newborns as it is to seven year olds. 

So how does it work? Following extensive research, sleep experts at Snüz created TripleCore™ technology, a one-of-a-kind system that enables parents to adapt their child's mattress in order to suit changing needs. SnüzSurface offers three stages of mattress support, each designed to suit a child during different stages of early development:

  • Stage one offers a firm support (0 months to 12 months), as recommended by sleep safe guidelines for babies;
  • Stage two then provides a softer medium-level support perfect for toddlers (one year to  three years);
  • Stage three then offers children a more durable surface to account for their changing size and weight and is suitable up for children up to the age of seven.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the product, Mark Nichols, marketing director at Snüz says, 'There was lots of demand for us to start selling a mattress, but we knew if we were going to develop one, it had to be something different and, like many of our products, directly answer the needs of parents. 

'During our research, talking to parents about mattresses, we came across the consistent theme of support and how standard mattresses don’t account for the changing size and weight of a baby. While parents told us they recognised the need for a firm mattress for their baby during the first 12 months (due to safe sleep guidelines), with cot bed mattresses meant to last up to seven years, this level of support and firmness just did not suit the needs of their child as they grew older. It was this which gave us the idea to design a mattress that adapted… and so SnüzSurface was born!'

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