This cheap tumble dryer is big enough for a family-sized load – and has £30 off today!

This cheap tumble dryer is discounted at Amazon today. It's a great buy for family homes and can be controlled via your smartphone

Cheap tumble dryer: Hoover DXC9TCG Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer
(Image credit: Hoover)

In the market for a cheap tumble dryer? Whether you're a family of five or a couple, here is a bargain deal on one of the best tumble dryers around.

Currently, the Hoover DXC9TCG condenser tumble dryer has £30 off at Amazon, dropping the price to just £249. It's a highly rated buy: it has smart capabilities, has a huge 9kg capacity and comes with a variety of programmes for all types of garments – you can find out more about it below.

Wondering whether to shop now or wait until Black Friday comes around? We can't guarantee that the price of this particular machine will drop any lower – and if you need it by Christmas, it's wise to buy earlier than the end of November. Scroll for more details of this deal.


Hoover DXC9TCG Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer | Was £279 now £249 at Amazon
This Hoover tumble dryer is rated B for energy, it has a 9kg capacity and it has 10 programmes to choose from. The fact it's a condenser tumble dryer means it can be placed almost anywhere in your home without the need for venting; you'll just need to empty its water tank occasionally. The machine can also be controlled remotely through the Hoover Wizard App. Here you can download new programmes for your machine and operate the appliance when out the house. What do we love the most? The machine features intelligent sensors to track moisture levels in each wash to prevent over-drying clothes. Amazing.

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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