These non-alcoholic drinks are (surprisingly) more-ish – and they're on sale

Swap your Negroni for a Nogroni, your Gin & Tonic for a Garden & Tonic

seedlip alcohol free spirits
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Non-alcoholic drinks may take you back to your teenage years, when your parents stocked up on low-to-no-alcohol drinks for your upcoming 'house party' in a bid to publicly humiliate you. But, we promise they've come a long way since then. And if a stressful Monday has had you turning to the gin, despite promising yourself you'd quit alcohol mid-week, Seedlip's range of non-alcoholic spirits might just be your salvation. 

A new addition to the market, Seedlip offers a whole host of distilled beverages designed to taste like your favourite spirits, just minus the alcohol. Switch the Negroni for a Nogroni, or opt for an alcohol-free take on a Gin & Tonic. Ideal whether a nightcap has become part of your daily routine, you love the taste of alcohol, or simply want to try something new.

And if that hasn't tempted you enough already, how would you feel if we told you that Seedlip's entire range of alcohol-free spirits is currently on offer at Amazon? We think that's a pretty great incentive if you're still sceptical about the who no-alcohol thing.

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non-alcoholic drinks from seedlip

(Image credit: Seedlip)

Try Seedlip's Garden & Tonic:

  • Seedlip Garden, 50ml
  • Indian Tonic, 125ml
  • Lemon or lime to serve

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