Tesco home delivery: when are new delivery slots released?

Here's everything you need to know about Tesco home delivery, including when new delivery slots are released

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When are Tesco home delivery slots released? And how can you increase your chance of getting a food delivery? Using a combination of advice from Tesco and personal experience, we'll provide you with all the information you need to maximise your chance of getting booked in for a food delivery slot with Tesco. After all, we're all aware of just how difficult it can be.

Whether you're self isolating, shopping on behalf of an elderly relative without internet access, or simply trying to follow government guidance to rely on food delivery services where possible, shopping online is a great way to reduce your exposure to other people and consequently reduce the likelihood of contracting (and spreading) Coronavirus. 

Browse our top tips below, then head over to our food delivery guide for updates on the services available from all major supermarkets.

When do Tesco release delivery slots?

While some sources claim that Tesco release new delivery slots at midnight, this hasn't been our experience so far. In fact, it appears that Tesco release delivery slots throughout the day as new availability opens up. So, you should check for availability multiple times throughout the day to increase your likelihood of getting a delivery slot. 

To make this as painless as possible, we'd recommend putting together a basket in advance, that way you can simply book in as soon as you see that a slot has become available.

We'd also recommend taking the following into account if you're looking to increase the likelihood of getting a food delivery slot, whether at Tesco or another supermarket.

  • Given the demand, we'd recommend aiming to get on-site either really early, or really late at night, in a bid avoid the site at it's busiest. This is particularly relevant for sites with long virtual queues.
  • If you can't book a slot just yet, we'd recommend putting a basket together and checking back regularly. Then, when slots do become available, you're ready to checkout straight away.
  • Don't wait until you're out of food, or almost out of food, aim to book in advance and anticipate when you might need a shop in a few week's time.
  • Don't bulk buy. Having struggled to get a slot in the first place, we can appreciate the temptation to bulk buy foods. However, this merely perpetuates the problem and will only lead to greater problems further down the road. Plus, it's important to think of other this time, there will almost definitely be someone who needs food more than you do.
  • Think a bit differently about what you usually eat. Fresh meat and fish is going to be harder to keep topped up as you should only go to the shops once a week (if at all) so embrace eating more meat-free meals. The charity V for Life has created this handy PDF showing places to find vegetarian food that can be delivered to your door.
  • Head over to our food hub for more advice on food delivery 

Is there special availability for vulnerable people?

Tesco are working with the Government and joining the industry-wide effort to prioritise home delivery slots for vulnerable customers who may be reliant on food delivery at this time.

If you fall into the high risk category, you can visit Gov.uk to register yourself as a vulnerable person. You will be required to provide your NHS number which can be found on a prescription or any official NHS correspondence.

More food delivery services

  • Mindful Chef – receive healthy (and delicious) food deliveries to your front door
  • Allplants – perfect for veggies and vegans, these meals are 100% plant-based
  • Pasta Evangelists – sing sweet praises to pasta
  • Balancebox – these boxes provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to your door
  • Kurami – delicious and nutritious meal plans 

Deliveroo: As well as delivering takeaways, Deliveroo is starting to deliver basic groceries (their couriers pick up food and drink from local corner shops and smaller supermarkets) and bring them to your door. Shopping includes bread, milk, cereals, tinned food, rice, pasta, and soft drinks. Don't expect supermarket prices; do expect convenience, speedy service and free delivery.

Uber Eats : The food delivery company is offering the same service as Deliveroo, as well as the usual takeaways.

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