Beat the winter blues with a wake up light

Introducing the new way to wake up happy as the nights draw in (and the mornings are just as dark)

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The clocks go back at the end of this month people – how did that come around so quickly? Dredging ourselves out of our cosy beds is that much harder once the dark, winter mornings kick-in. But it doesn’t have to be that way. French firm Terraillon, best known for its precision kitchen and bathroom scales, has turned its attentions to the bedroom with the launch of Homni. Designed in collaboration with the European Sleep Center, this nifty little bedside buddy uses lights and ambient sounds to help you wake up and fall asleep gently. 

The Homni also boasts sleep analysing capabilities that track your sleep patterns, as well as your bedroom environment, in order to achieve the best sleeping conditions possible. Simply clip the Dot sleep sensor (included) onto your pillow and connect to The Wellness Coach Sleep app for a full report on sleep cycles, body movement, noise and bedroom temperature, as well as advice on how to improve matters for the better.

Smart wake up light by Terraillon

The Homni costs £199, from Terraillon 

(Image: © Terraillon)

And you can forget rude awakenings to the incessant blare of your alarm clock/phone; the Homni emits blue shades of light and relaxing ambient sound to gently transition you into the day. Bring on it on winter, we’re ready for you! 

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