Struggling to workout from home? These 5 Walmart buys can up your motivation

Workout at home however small your space thanks to these five Walmart buys. They're budget-friendly and space saving...

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Not feeling motivated to workout while self isolating? We know the struggle, but it's important to keep moving for both your physical and mental health. And you'll feel 10 times better in yourself after doing so, trust us.

If you're usually a gym-goer and rely on classes to inspire you or, you use the bulky equipment in the gym to keep fit, these top Walmart buys can help you keep fit at home no matter the size of your space, and, most importantly, storage cupboards. We're talking dumbbells, resistance bands, skipping ropes and more. All of which are budget-friendly, too.

Why not fit in a quick, 30-minute workout before lunch? Or workout in front of the TV while catching up on Good Girls in the evening? Prefer to workout in the morning? You do you.

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Pure Fitness 3.5mm Yoga Mat | Was from $14.95, now from $12.88 (opens in new tab)
First thing's first, you need to buy a yoga mat. Unless you want to workout on your uncomfortable hard floor, that is. This one is double sided, moisture-resistant and it can be cleaned with ease. The best part is that it can be rolled up for storing and it comes with straps to make it easy to transport.

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Stamina Cardio Folding Exercise Bike | Was $99, now $89 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
Wow, what a bargain! This foldaway exercise bike can track your heart rate, pulse and progress, as well as calories burned and speed. It features an extra-wide padded seat for more comfort as well as eight levels of magnetic resistance so that no matter your fitness level, you can enjoy. It's also on wheels to make your life 10 times easier and since it folds away, it can be stored in a closet with ease.

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Athletic Works Speed Jump Rope | Was $8.99, now $6.46 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
This skipping rope can be used outside or inside – as long as you have enough space – and it can get your heart pumping fast. For just over $6, you've got no excuse...

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Everyday Essentials Dumbbell Set with Stand | Was $39.99, now $36.99 (opens in new tab)
This cheap yet cheerful dumbbell set comes complete with a stand for easy storing. It features three sets of weights – one 2lbs, one 3lbs, and a 5lbs set. They're all different colors so you can tell them apart easily, and, they definitely won't break the bank at under $40.

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BalanceFrom Resistance Fabric Loop Bands | $9.99 - $14.99 (opens in new tab)
Resistance bands are an easy way to build strength and stretch at home. These ones come in a pack of three in your choice of latex or fabric. They come with a carry bag, too. 

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Annie Collyer

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