Stay cool in the heatwave with these fan deals

Finding the heatwave a struggle? These fan deals will help you keep your cool – at cool prices

Stadler Form Q fan
(Image credit: Stadler Form)

It's that time of year again when everyone and everything in the UK breaks down because we just aren't a country made to hack the heat. Most of us don't have swimming pools, no air con and our employers are yet to jump on the whole go home for a siesta thing, so we basically just melt. So what can possibly save us from this wicked witch of the west-esque doom? Enter the humble fan. 

And since us Brits will probably only need a fan for at most three weeks of the year, you might as well get a good deal on one. So because we know you are too busy complaining about the heatwave you have asked for for months to trawl the internet for a cheap fan, we have rounded up the best fan deals happening right now...

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Prices low to high

STATUS 16in Pedestal Fan | Was £49.99 now £24.99 | Save £25
If you want to upgrade from the handheld thing you have been using to stop your face melting off, this Status fan is a bargain at just 25 quid! View Deal

LOGIK L14FFGM18 14in Floor Fan | Was £59.99 now £29.99
At better than half price this Logik fan is perfect for chilling you out during a heatwave. It's got three speed settings and you can completely adjust the direction you want your breeze. It's pretty small too for the power (65W), it can cool down a reasonably sizeable room but doesn't take up a ton of space.  View Deal

LOGIK L16PFGM17 16in Pedestal Fan | Was £89.99 now £44.99
If you would prefer a standing fan to a floor fan, this has loads of the same features as Logik's floor fan. It still has three speed settings and the direction can be adjusted. It's slightly less powerful at 50W but if you are looking for something for the corner of your bedroom that won't take up a load of space this is ideal. View Deal

Stadler Form Q Fan | Was £189 now £149 | Save £40
As far as fans go this is a pretty good looking one, keeping you cool while also looking very cool. It might be designed by Swiss designer and artist, Carlo Borer, but this fan isn't all style and no substance, it has three power levels so you can create your perfect breeze plus it's surprisingly powerful for its size at 40W.  View Deal

DYSON AM09 Hot & Cool Fan Heater | Was £399 now £349
Okay, if you are looking for a cheap fan to see you through the heatwave this probably isn't the one for you buuuut if you are after something to invest in this Dyson fan is perfect. Plus it ain't just a cool fan, it's a hot fan too! So for the 335 days a year you need to be warmer rather then cooler in UK this has you covered for that too. 

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