Should you buy Interflora Mother's Day flowers? We had some delivered this week – here's what happened

We tested Interflora's Mother's Day flower delivery ahead of the big day

Interflora Mother's Day flowers
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Interflora offers one of the largest ranges of Mother's Day flowers available in the UK. That's because one of the best flower delivery services partners with local artisan florists to fill out its catalogue with a wealth of gorgeous bouquets, plants, and gifts. They're easy to order online, and one of the biggest draws about Interflora's Mother's Day flowers is that they'll be hand-delivered for maximum impact anywhere in the UK - that's a rarity. It's also potentially a cause of concern in the current climate, but it needn't be. 

Although there are no letterbox options at Interflora, if you'd like a non-contact drop-off, you can specify that in the delivery instructions at checkout. (Also, if necessary, your recipient can reinforce the request with a note on the door - this will remove any element of surprise, of course.)

The majority of Interflora's Mother's Day flowers come in at between £35 and £60, with greetings cards, chocolates, prosecco and champagne available to add to your order as well. If you don't find the right Mother's Day bouquet, there's also plenty of variety available in Interflora's gifts selection - from Gin-Lovers' Gift Bags (£38) to an Afternoon Tea Tray (£43) or Sweet Nostalgia Hamper (£39). 

Mother's Day flowers at Interflora: Get £5 off, or 25% extra free on some bouquets
You can receive 25% extra flowers with some Interflora Mother's Day bouquets - like the Very Vibrant Hand-Tied bouquet (pictured). There's also £5 off others, when you order from Interflora for early delivery this week. That means more Mother's Day flowers for your cash, as long as you don't mind delivery on the 20th March. View Deal

Interflora Mother's Day flower delivery options

Interflora's Mother's Day flowers can be delivered on the day – 22 March - from £11, but choosing a Saturday delivery will cut that all the way down to just £7 for a hand-delivered service. If you forget to place your order early, Interflora offers next-day delivery and even same-day delivery on plenty of bouquets, depending on your local area. 

As we mentioned earlier, there aren't any letterbox flower options available from Interflora, but if you would like a non-contact drop-off you can specify this in the delivery instructions at checkout. (If this is extremely important, we advise you to ask the recipient to put a note on the door, too.)

Interflora Mother's Day flower review

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Interflora Mother's Day flowers

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Interflora Mother's Day flowers

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Interflora Mother's Day flowers

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Interflora Mother's Day flowers

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Interflora Mother's Day flowers

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Bouquet ordered: Large Mother's Day Pastels Hand-Tied, £48 | Delivery cost: £11 | Freshness guarantee: 7 days

Interflora Mother's Day flowers: score

Value for money: 7/10
Freshness: 10/10
Presentation: 8/10
Ease of ordering: 10/10
Delivery service: 10/10
Total: 45/50 

What happened: We found ordering Mother's Day flowers online through Interflora to be an easy and quick process - especially considering you're buying hand-delivered flowers that are crafted by a local artisan florist. We chose the large Mother's Day Pastels bouquet, and were instantly impressed when it turned up. Unlike boxed flower deliveries, hand-delivered bouquets are usually bigger and better presented - and our Mother's Day Pastels bouquet scored highest on both fronts, beating the others in our tests with a wide array of colours and smells.

Some flowers had been substituted, but they were a good match and complimented the rest of the arrangement so well that the originals weren't missed. The overall effect remaining as stunning as expected. 

As promised, some stems were still in bud to ensure the bouquet would last at least seven days, as Interflora guarantees. 

Verdict: We were certainly impressed with our Interflora Mother's Day flowers. If you're looking for instant wow, we recommend this bouquet. Despite the substitution of some flowers, the overall effect was very impressive and we would happily order more Mother's Day flowers from Interflora. With such a wide variety of flowers and gifts on offer, there's plenty to suit everyone's taste. This service does come at a slight premium, though, and you'll certainly find cheaper Mother's Day flowers elsewhere, especially considering that £11 delivery cost. 

Buy Interflora's Large Mother's Day Pastels bouquet | £48 at Interflora
You'll find these large Mother's Day Pastels available from Interflora for just £48 right now, hand-crafted and hand delivered. We found the ordering and delivery experience to be excellent, with a fantastic overall effect. This particular bouquet does contain lillies, so be mindful of any pet-owning recipients when ordering.
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More Mother's Day flowers at Interflora

Here are some more of our favourite Mother's Day flower bouquets at Interflora right now...

Amethyst Dusk Gift Box | £31 at Interflora
For lower budgets, try this fantastic Amethyst Dusk gift box, which is the cheapest of Interflora's Mother's Day flower selection. With ivory large-headed roses sitting amongst purple freesia, white germini, purple lisianthus and blue iris, it's a beautiful selection of purples, blues, and whites, and has same-day delivery available right now.View Deal

Sunshine Memories hand-tied Mother's Day flowers | £38 £33 at Interflora
If you don't mind having your Mother's Day flowers delivered early, you can save £5 on this Sunshine Memories hand-tied bouquet. Now down to just £33, you'll be able to order this arrangement for latest delivery on the 20th March. You can also save £5 on the larger Sunshine Memories bouquet.View Deal

Magnificent Mix Hat Box with Champagne | £83 at Interflora
If you're looking for something extra, this Magnificent Mix hat box selection offers a gorgeous Mother's Day flowers arrangement with champagne. Hand crafted and delivered by a local artisan florist, this premium bouquet is also arranged in a simple but elegant hatbox.View Deal

Large Cherished Medley Hand-Tied Mother's Day flowers | £103 at Interflora
Want to go all out this year? This large Cherished Medley bouquet offers a generous 27 stems, and is handcrafted and delivered by a local artisan florist for the biggest impact. Featuring salmon and cerise large-headed roses among pink antirrhinums, pink spray chrysanthemums, white tanecetum, and peach germini, this is an arrangement set to impress.
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