Ride out the heatwave with these fan deals – prices from £19

Feeling the heatwave? These cheap fan deals can help you sleep when it's in the 20s outside...

heatwave: Swan SFA12620CN Cream Retro 12 Inch Desk Fan
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Enjoying the heatwave? Us too. That is until approximately 10pm – AKA when we're winding down for bed – and it becomes impossible to sleep. How to fix this? By buying the best fan around. Or, just any decent fan that can do the job of keeping you cool for the rest of the UK heatwave. Which, as we know, could last until next week or until September (wishful thinking, that).

We've done some searching and have found a few incredible fan deals that we just couldn't help but shout about, from both Amazon and Currys PC World. Some even have next day delivery available. See them below.

Q-Connect Desktop Fan | Was £49.99 now £19.02 at Amazon
Need a desktop fan for your home office? Or after something a little smaller to perch on your bedside table to keep you cool during the night? Now under £20, this fan is a bargain with 62 per cent off. It also has three speeds to choose from and it oscillates.View Deal

STATUS 16in Pedestal Fan | Was £49.99, now £24.99 at Currys PC World
If you want to upgrade from the handheld thing you have been using to stop your face melting off, this Status fan is a bargain at just 25 quid! View Deal

LOGIK L14FFGM18 14in Floor Fan | Was £49.99, now £34.99 at Currys PC World
At better than half price this Logik fan is perfect for chilling you out during a heatwave. It's got three speed settings and you can completely adjust the direction you want your breeze. It's pretty small too for the power (65W), it can cool down a reasonably sizeable room but doesn't take up a ton of space.  View Deal

Swan SFA12620CN Retro Fan | Was £49, now £39 at Amazon
With 22 per cent off right now, this gorgeous fan is both stylish and practical. It has a diameter of 12-inches and would look great sitting on a desk or bedside table. Not only can it oscillate, but it can tilt and you can adjust its height. Aluminium blades sit inside the mesh grill for safety and durability purposes, while a 1.6-meter long cord powers it. It's quiet when in operation so as not to wake you or your children, and it comes in six colours! Green is our fave.View Deal

LOGIK L16PFGM17 16in Pedestal Fan | Was £79.99 now £49.99 at Currys PC World
If you would prefer a standing fan to a floor fan, this has loads of the same features as Logik's floor fan. It still has three speed settings and the direction can be adjusted. It's slightly less powerful at 50W but if you are looking for something for the corner of your bedroom that won't take up a load of space this is ideal. View Deal

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool | £549 at Currys PC World with FREE DELIVERY
The best thing you'll buy all year, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is an incredible piece of tech. Not only can it heat a room in a matter of minutes, but it can cool you down almost instantly while purifying the air around you. It removes 99.95% of potentially harmful pollutants, dust, allergens and more from the air. Control it with the Dyson Link app, a voice assistant or the remote which comes included. Buy now and enjoy tomorrow. View Deal

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