Ordering flowers online? These are best from our fave flower delivery services

If you are buying flowers online, whatever the occasion, these are the best blooms from the best flower delivery services

Ordering flowers online? These are best blooms from our fave flower delivery services
(Image credit: Bloom and Wild)

Lots of us are ordering flowers online at the moment, whether it's to cheer up our friends and family or you cheer up ourselves (buying beautiful blooms counts as self care right?) So we have rounded some the best selling bouquets from the best flower delivery services out there. 

We have also tested each one out ourselves to see how each is fairing with contact-free delivery (spoiler: they are all being as careful and considerate as possible). 

Bloom and Wild: top choice for the most lovely peonies 

Bloom and Wild peonies

(Image credit: Bloom and Wild)

It's everyone's favourite flowers season! Peonies are just so stunning and we love Bloom and Wild's offerings best. They have a whole section dedicated to peonies but our favourite is The Alice – love the bright pink, so uplifting, which we think we all need right now. You will have to be quick to order though because the coral peonies are coming to the end of their season.

When we ordered from Bloom & Wild the blooms arrived on the day we selected and it arrived in lovely condition. The box posted through the letterbox so no contact needed. 

Bunches: perfect for country-style blooms

Bunches flowers

(Image credit: Bunches)

If you love really country, looked like you could have picked them from a very dreamy hedgerow, flowers Bunches have some gorgeous options. Our fave is the Vintage Garden bouquet is perfect for this time of year – the lovely subtle colours and natural looking flowers. 

We ordered this exact bouquet and it's as exquisite as it looks, plus it's huge!  You got so many flowers we had to spilt it into two vases (no complaining there). Delivery was quick and the flowers were left on the step after the doorbell was rung, so contact free? Check!

M&S flowers: our top choice for luxury bouquets 

M&S flowers

(Image credit: M&S)

If you are sending flowers to someone really special who deserves a proper treat, M&S have some of the most gorgeous luxury flowers. We love the Coral Meadow Bouquet, those colours don't even look real and such a nice mix of flowers. The bouquet will arrive in bud so it will last even longer and the delivery will be contact-free with either a note being left through the door or a message will be sent to your phone.

Serenata flowers: lovely letterbox flowers (plus free delivery!) 

Serenata flowers

(Image credit: Serenata)

Simple white blooms with plenty of greenery, Serenata Flower's Scented Moonlight is our fave pick and the exact bouquet we ordered. The whole bouquet lasted over a week, but even after that picked out the roses which were the first to go and kept the greenery and the stocks going for another week!

Serenata Flowers have tons of gorgeous flowers over there at great prices too! Next day delivery is free (yay) and it's contactless too as these will come through your letterbox. 

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