Mrs Hinch's newest obsession? This amazing toilet cleaner powder

This is how Mrs Hinch gets her toilet bowl sparkling. Life hack alert...

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Mrs Hinch fan? We can't really blame you: she truly does find the best cleaning hacks around. Without her, we wouldn't be using Zoflora to clean just about everywhere in our homes... and our homes would smell so much worse. Her newest find is a contender for best toilet cleaner around, that does the hard work of cleaning your toilet bowl for you. Because no one enjoys deep cleaning their toilet, surely?

The Dr. Beckmann Foaming Toilet Cleaner is cheap to buy – just £3 for three sachets – that are easy to use and even easier to store. Simply take open the sachet, pour it into your toilet bowl and wait. While you can watch, we're sure you've got plenty of other things to be doing (or maybe not – lockdown is starting to get very boring). For your peace of mind, this toilet cleaning tablet contains activated carbon to remove stubborn dirt and prevent limescale and urine deposits. It works fast and thoroughly and leaves behind a fresh citrus smell. Your toilet will be sparklingly clean.

If it's approved by Mrs Hinch – actually, we can quote her as she said: "I'm slightly obsessed with the foam" – it's good enough for us. Now, where to buy this toilet cleaner from? See below.

Dr. Beckmann Foaming Toilet Cleaner | £3 at Wilko
You can buy this amazing toilet cleaner powder from lots of places, but Wilko seems to be the easiest with stock levels staying pretty consistent. You can also order it online from Wilko, along with some other cleaning bits you may need to make the delivery price worth it. View Deal

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Read our how to clean a toilet guide for more help when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. Otherwise, you'll want to use this toilet cleaner powder every so often then use a bleach for regular cleaning – Mrs Hinch's favourite is the Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Cleaner Gel. She also loves the Bloo Foam Aroma Fragranced Toilet Powder for cleaning her toilet, too. Just don't mix cleaners – you can create toxic gases by doing so.

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