Best toilet seat: 6 stylish and comfy options for every loo

From soft close to antibacterial, we’ve rounded up the best toilet seats for your loo from trusted reviews – your posterior will thank you kindly for investing in a great toilet seat

Best toilet seat: a modern bathroom with a large vanity unit, a white toilet and a great toilet seat.
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In the market for the best toilet seat? You won't need to settle for a bog standard khazi (sorry) this time with the help of our buyer’s guide.

This is where we lift the lid on the best toilet seat around, according to trusted reviews. And from D-shaped loo seats with antibacterial properties, to soft close and quick release features, we've rated the best ones on the market.

There are quite a few things to consider when looking for a toilet seat replacement –including the differences in materials, shapes and styles – and we are all guilty of not paying much attention to our humble loo seat, that is, until something happens to it. 

From snapping at the hinges to the seat cracking, it can feel like a difficult job to replace, but there's no need to fret as we have got your back(side) when it comes to choosing the best loo seat.

Once you have sorted your seat, check out our bathroom ideas feature for more inspiration, tips and advice.

What is the best toilet seat you can buy?

Croydex Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat with Soft Close Hinges Made From Resilient Polypropylene, White.

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1. Croydex Soft Close Antibacterial Toilet Seat

Best toilet seat: it is soft close, antibacterial and inexpensive – the perfect replacement for a busy home

Best for: Family loos
Shape: Round
Size: 46.2 x 37.2 x 7 cm
Material: Polypropylene
Soft close?: Yes
Colour: White
Antibacterial?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Features effective antibacterial treatment +Fits standard toilets with fixed holes from 115mm to 195mm+Fixtures and fittings included+Soft close hinges+Inexpensive
Reasons to avoid
-Assembly is not as easy as advertised

With a unique antibacterial treatment, Croydex's toilet seat reduces germ accumulation and bacteria on the surface. It also has a practical soft close hinge and claims to have easy assembly.

Soft close hinge

The practical soft close hinge stops the lid from slamming which is ideal for ensuites when you don't want to disturb others in the middle of the night. 


Croydex’s Hygiene ‘N’ Clean treatment is safe for people, pets and the environment, plus, it inhibits the development of bacteria, fungi and other unpleasant organisms. 

Adjustable assembly

With easily adjustable hinges included, the seat fits hole centres from 115mm to 195mm on all standard toilets.

Euroshowers White One Seat Soft Close Toilet Seat with Top Fix/Blind Hole Fittings and ONE Button Quick Release

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2. Euroshowers 86511 White D-Shape Soft Close Toilet Seat

Best D-shape toilet seat: features a handy quick release push button and is soft close

Best for: D-shaped toilets
Shape: D-shaped
Size: 45.4 x 38 x 5.8 cm
Material: duroplastic
Soft close?: Yes
Colour: White
Antibacterial?: No
Reasons to buy
+Made from strong duroplastic+Soft closure+Non-slip fittings+Quick release cleaning+Child-friendly
Reasons to avoid
-The seat must match your toilet's exact dimensions, otherwise it won’t sit securely on the loo

Designed for D-shape toilets, this soft close, heavy duty design by Euroshowers features quick release hinges for easy cleaning which is ideal for homes with kids.

Quick release cleaning

Press the stainless-steel button in the middle to release and lift off the seat for easy cleaning.

High-quality design

Made from strong pressed Duroplastic, the seat has non slip bottom fittings which make it perfect for every type of toosh. 

AQUALONA Toilet Seats Soft Close | Heavy Duty Duroplast with a Ceramic Appearance | One-Button Hinge Release for Quick Cleaning | Easy Install 360 degree Top and Bottom Adjustable | Black

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3. AQUALONA Soft Close Seat, Black

Best black toilet seat: this one has edge, with 60-degree adjustable rotation hinges, soft close, easy cleaning and installation

Best for: Traditional-style loos
Shape: Curved
Size: 45 x 36 x 5cm
Material: Duroplast plastic
Soft close?: Yes
Colour: Black
Antibacterial?: No
Reasons to buy
+Soft close technology+Quick release cleaning+Strong Duroplast material+Fits most loos+Easy installation
Reasons to avoid
-Not antibacterial-Reported to scratch easily

A soft close toilet seat with quick release button, Aqualona’s black toilet seat has a ceramic appearance and is made from heavy duty Duroplast that can be easily cleaned. With 360-degree adjustable rotation hinges on top and bottom, plus, secure rubber-based hinges, the seat will sit firmly in place once installed.

Soft close design

There will be no more slamming with Aqualona’s toilet seat thanks to its soft close technology.

Easy clean

With a simple one-button hinge release, the seat is easily removed for a quick cleaning. 

Universal design

The Duroplast toilet seat fits most types of toilet bowls and the rust resistant stainless-steel hinges ensure a perfect fit. 

best toilet seat by euroshowers in white

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4. Euroshowers White One Seat Soft Close Toilet Seat

Best soft close toilet seat: complete with one button quick release and handy top fix/blind hole fittings

Best for: Heavy use
Shape: Oval
Size: 18.3 x 15.3 x 6.2 cm
Material: Duroplast
Soft close?: Yes
Colour: White
Antibacterial?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Soft close+Antibacterial+Top and bottom fittings+No slip bottom fittings+Quick fit+One button release
Reasons to avoid
-Bit more pricey

With a heavier-weighted, stainless-steel barrel, Euroshower’s universal ONE seat is made of strong Duroplast. Named for its simple one-button release system for easy cleaning, it also has an additional antibacterial coating and soft close function. 

Tough and durable

Made of heavy weight stainless steel barrel and strong pressed Duroplastic, you’ll be hard pressed to break this with your booty. 

Standard fit

Fitting most loos, the Euroshower universal ONE seat features top and bottom standard fittings.

Mass Dynamic Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat

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5. Mass Dynamic Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat

Best quick release toilet seat: is affordable and has a groovy dual fixing system in place, plus, adjustable 360-degree hinges

Best for: a budget buy
Shape: Oval
Size: 46 x 37 x 4.8 cm
Material: UF (Urea-Formaldehyde)
Soft close?: Yes
Colour: White
Antibacterial?: No
Reasons to buy
+Dual fixing for firm fastening+Easy to install in even awkward spaces+Versatile to fit most standard loos
Reasons to avoid
-The plastic used may not be as durable as the description 

With dual fixing included, adjustable 360-degree hinges and made in affordable, Urea-Formaldehyde, Mass Dynamic’s soft close toilet seat fits the majority of standard size toilets. 

Ease of installation

Including a bottom – and more importantly – top fixing, which is particularly useful when access is unavailable to the toilet pan.

Quiet closure

The seat’s soft closing hinges allow for controlled and quiet closure which makes it perfect for a family bathroom.

AQUALONA Wooden and Lightweight Loo Seat

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6. AQUALONA Wooden and Lightweight Loo Seat

Best wooden toilet seat: this one's solid, comfortable and oh so easy to install

Best for: Elongated toilet seats
Shape: Oval
Size: 45x36x5 cm
Material: MDF
Soft close?: Not clear
Colour: Oak Effect
Antibacterial?: No
Reasons to buy
+Supports 150kg weight+Durable and strong+Universal design+Easy installation
Reasons to avoid
-May scratch and the underside’s plastic stoppers may need eventual replacing

If you want a wooden loo seat, this one is durable, hardwearing and very easy to fit. At an affordable price, it is a nice change from plastic white seats and will bring a new look to your bathroom in no time.

UV lacquered wooden seat

Lacquered with a long-lasting, touch UV finish, the seat is easily wiped clean. 

Firm fixing

All fittings are included to hold the seat firmly in place and tested to support a weight up to 150kg.

Fits most loos

Crafted from hard wearing and durable moulded wood, the seat fits most standard elongated toilet bowls. 


There are several things to consider when deciding on which toilet seat to get for your bathroom, and knowing your D-shaped loo seats from your soft close, or your standard finish from your antibacterial coating will put you in good stead for when you actually go to spend a penny.

Here’s the lowdown on what to look for in (arguably) the most used – but most underrated – bathroom product. 


Usually, the first thing you’ll need to make a decision on is the material: wood, plastic or something a little more hard core. There are pros and cons to each of these materials. Inexpensive plastic can be a lot more durable but can break easily, whereas wood is more expensive but won’t crack as easily. There are high end variations on the market but be prepared to pay a premium price tag for the privilege.

Seat shape

Unless you are replacing your entire loo, – in which case you should check out our how to choose a toilet buying guide – you’ll need to make sure that the seat you're buying has the same shape as your existing bowl; this can either be round or elongated. Elongated toilet seats won’t fit on a round loo at all, yet a round seat will fit on an elongated toilet, – but it may look ridiculous – so make sure you are buying the right fit for your WC’s shape.

Hinge quality

Make sure you look at the finer details when choosing a new loo seat; hinges that are inexpensive are usually made of plastic and can snap easily so they will need to be replaced sooner than expected, whereas some metal hinges have more points of contact which prevent the toilet seat from flexing. The better the hinge, the better the quality and likeliness that your toilet seat will stand the test of time.

Know your measurements

One very critical thing to take into account is what size of toilet seat you need, especially if the bowl is elongated as they vary in measurement.

Types of seat fittings

There are two types of toilet seat fixings; top fixing toilet seats feed two bolts into the loo pan and are tightened at the top, whereas bottom fixings are fed through the top and tightened underneath, usually with wing nuts.

Most modern toilets come with top fixing installation as they are easier to fit and remove. You may find, however, that you’ll be limited on what to opt for, dependent on the toilet seat type you prefer or the fixings you are replacing on your current seat.

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