Mrs Hinch has made up a Christmas cleaning hamper. This is what's inside...

It might not be traditional, but a festive cleaning hamper, Mrs Hinch-style, would still be a welcome gift

Mrs Hinch cleaning
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Hinch household just as it is in homes up and down the land. Fellow fans of cleanfluencer Sophie Hinchliffe will, like us, have been enjoying the seasonal preparations the Insta star has been sharing as the celebrations approach, involving some of the most inventive Christmas hampers we've come across this year...

Indeed, one of the festive projects Sophie’s been undertaking particularly intrigued us. The cleaning guru made up a cleaning hamper. Which is almost as far out as a cleaning advent calendar. Now, we’re used to Christmas hampers being food and drink filled. Shortbread, say, a Christmas cake, perhaps some jams, a bottle of port, a Christmas pud, a box of chocolates... you know the kind of thing. 

A Hinch hamper definitely isn’t that. But it certainly will get your house clean. Yes, Mrs Hinch’s hamper is filled with her cleaning favourites. Oh, and a little reading matter, too. 

Want to take a look? We’ve got the lowdown on the super-useful Christmas treat below. And, if you need advice on keeping your home spotless and hygienic, visit our cleaning hub.

Mrs Hinch hamper

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A Hinch hamper certainly looks every bit the fabulous Christmas treat. This one is for a charity fundraising school Christmas fete, she reveals.

What goes into a Hinch hamper? Well, all the cleaning supremo’s favourites, of course. 

We’re talking The Pink Stuff, which Mrs Hinch loves for cleaning her oven and hob. But she likes to call on it for other jobs, too, including once cleaning up some goblets she’d picked up at a car boot sale.

Also making the cut is Mr Sheen Multi-Surface Polish (opens in new tab). Mrs Hinch fans will know this is the product you need alongside Dave, in other words the Pledge Fluffy Duster, to dust thoroughly, and without smears.

It might not seem very seasonal, but the loo still needs cleaning, and so also in the hamper is Harpic Active Fresh (opens in new tab). Mrs Hinch says it’s one of the best toilet cleaners she’s ever used, and a toilet that’s clean and limescale-free is the result we all want.

While we’re talking bathrooms, also featured in the Hinch hamper is Flash Bathroom. The Insta sensation loves it for cleaning and shining the bath, and is a big fan of its fragrance, too.

If you’re gifting a Hinch-style hamper, you’ll also want to follow Sophie’s lead and include Ace For Whites (opens in new tab). The laundry bleach comes in for getting bed sheets white (it’s great for removing fake tan marks, Sophie says). The cleaning guru also uses it in solution to clean her M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad, known as Minky.

Talking of which, the non-scratch M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Pad is also included in the bumper hygiene hamper, allowing the recipient to bring Mrs Hinch-style cleanliness to worktops, sinks and appliances.

Mrs Hinch Christmas hamper

(Image credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch)

This gift hamper also features a signed copy of Mrs Hinch’s book, This is Me, (opens in new tab) with Sophie admitting that signing still feels like a ‘surreal experience’. The book is the Sunday Times No.1 bestseller 2020, so even if you’re not putting together a Hinch-style hamper for one of your friends, it could make a great gift. Unlike the star’s previous books Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists, Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal, and Mrs Hinch: Hinch Yourself Happy, this one is a candid memoir, so you can stop cleaning, and get reading.

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