M&S food boxes offer essentials for £35. Are they worth it? Can you get one?

M&S have launched a box of food essentials for £35 to help ease frustration for those looking for online food deliveries – but what do you actually get in one?

M&S food delivery boxes
(Image credit: M&S)

Heard about M&S 'essentials' food boxes and wondering if they're worth the hype? Despite having paused orders on their usual food delivery services, M&S have put together a food essentials box filled with pasta, tinned soups, meat, fish and toilet roll, as well as some sweet treats. Vegetarian? It's possible to get a meat-free box, too. And the good news is that delivery lead times aren't looking too bad, either.

But before you rush off and buy one, we're taking a closer look at these food boxes to ensure you're getting value for money. Below you'll find details of the exact contents of the box, along with information on when you can expect delivery, if there's a priority option for the elderly, and more.

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M&S Food Delivery Box | £35 + £3.99 delivery
For just £35, M&S are offering a box loaded full of goodies delivered straight to your door in just one week. In the current climate, we think that's pretty good going. The box is kitted out with everything from pasta and pasta sauce, a piece of steak, plenty of soup and a slice of salmon to everyone's favourite treats from M&S – that's giant chocolate buttons and (of course) Percy Pigs. There's even a packet of toilet roll thrown in for good measure. We're not sure how long this box will be around, so we'd recommend getting your hands on it while you can.
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What's in an M&S food delivery box?

Below you'll find a full list of everything that's in the M&S food delivery box. Given that M&S have closed off the food section of their website, we can't calculate exactly how much the contents of the box are worth. But, with a basic knowledge of food costs, we would conclude that these boxes are worth it, from a financial perspective at least.

M&S Food Boxes

  • Fusilli (500g)
  • Baked beans (220g)
  • Tomato and herb pasta sauce (550g)
  • Beef Bolognese pour over pasta sauce (340g)
  • Chunky vegetable soup (400g)
  • Basmati rice (500g)
  • Cream of tomato soup (400g)
  • Chunky steak (206g)
  • Rich roast instant coffee (100g)
  • English breakfast tea bags (125g/50 bags)
  • Scottish all butter homebake style shortbread squares (200g)
  • Dark chocolate (100g)
  • Milk chocolate (100g)
  • Prime corned beef (205g)
  • Wild Alaskan red salmon (213g)
  • Vegetable curry (400g)
  • Roasted and salted large peanuts (200g)
  • Giant milk chocolate buttons (150g)
  • Percy Pig™ sweets (170g)
  • Soft white 2-ply toilet tissue (pack of 4)

M&S have received a degree of criticism for the contents of their boxes, with some people suggesting that they were disappointed with the sweet treats included and would've preferred fresh produce. 

While obviously this is a matter of personal preference, we were pretty impressed by the offerings available and think that the box makes a pretty lovely gift for the elderly, or those who can't leave the house to buy food. Plus, who doesn't love Percy Pigs?

Delivery on M&S food boxes

M&S have temporarily paused sale of their essentials food boxes while they meet current demand. But, they promise shoppers that the box will be back as soon as they've worked through orders. So, it's worth checking back to see if they've restocked.

Is there priority for the elderly?

If you're over 70 and have a Sparks card, M&S claim that your order will be prioritised. This offer can't be extended to those without a Sparks card, as this is the only way that M&S are able to verify customers' ages.