Make a saving on this home workout essential – perfect for core exercises

This home workout essential will help keep your core strong and can be used absolutely anywhere – make a saving now

core sliders
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Taking part in a home workout is the best way to keep active while social distancing, or even self isolating. Not only is getting even a minimal amount of exercise a great way to maintain physical health, but the endorphins released when you move your body can also help you keep on top of your mental health.

And while it's more than possible to adopt an exercise regime that requires nothing but your own body weight, there are a few bits and bobs that can help intensify your exercise and, most importantly, stop you from getting too bored.

One of our home workout essentials are core sliders, which can be used to blast your core, or to give you a complete full-body workout. So, when we spotted the Beast Gear Core Sliders on sale at Amazon for just £11.57, down from the usual £16.99, we had to let you know.

Beast Gear Core Slider |  Was £16.99, now £11.57
Suitable for use on carpets, as well as hard floors, core sliders offer a super versatile workout that can be completed from the comfort of your own home.View Deal

Suitable for use absolutely anywhere – yep, even carpets – simply place one foot on each of the sliders, put your hands on the floor and get to work. Some of our favourite moves guaranteed to give you an insane core blast include:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Plank jacks
  • Pikes
  • Sliding burpee
  • Arm circles
  • Reverse luge

For even more workout inspiration, you can find a whole host of workout video tutorials on YouTube.

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