You can now buy a 2020 Scented Candle and it smells like Joe Exotic...

Yep, you read that right...

The tiger king
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2020 hey, what a year... not one we are going to look back on fondly to be honest. But there were a few good things that have come out of it, TikTok dances, perfecting our sourdough and of course The Tiger King himself Joe Exotic. So when we saw a  new candle has been launched that smells like Joe, we had to investigate! Could it be another thing to add to the list of good things to come out of this year?

Keep scrolling to find out more about this... interesting candle and for more of the best candles head to our round up. 

Flaming Crap 2020 candle

(Image credit: Flaming Crap)

Oh, it gets better, this is actually a four layered candle, with each layer revealing a new scent that sums up 2020, taking you on a sensual journey through the year. So we have: the subtle scents of banana bread, a punchy aroma of hand sanitiser, the woody musks of a DIY job, and, of course, the budget aftershave and an earthy essence that one would image emanates from Joe Exotic. 

We do genuinely think this would make for a great stocking filler this year, it's fun, it's witty and it's only £14.99 from Flaming Crap. And might we add, it's from a small business, so great to support them and it's made using vegan kerasoy wax, and the labels and packaging are both recyclable, so kinder to the planet too. 

“Many people have mixed feelings about this year, it’s been tough on many levels, but others valued their time in lockdown. Our candle is reminiscent and a reminder of some of this year’s most prominent themes, and a completely unique gift this festive period.  A way to mark this year in a fun way!” Explains Oliver Burr, Co-Founder of Flaming Crap. Totally with you there Oliver!

Hebe Hatton
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