Home gym essentials: check out these 5 fitness buys from Amazon

Missing the gym? Create your own with these budget-friendly home gym essentials

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Get your hands on these home gym essentials and start working up a sweat at home in no time. Creating a home gym is a smart idea: as no one knows when lockdown will end and gyms will reopen, so if you have a spare space – perhaps a bedroom or garage – that's collecting dust at the moment, put it to better use during lockdown.

And if your fitness equipment goes as far as yoga matt and some dumbbells (or perhaps not even that?) we've found a range of small in size and easy on the wallet fitness buys from Amazon. Prices start from just £15!

Whether you're missing your weekly pilates class, you're keen to work for those abs or are concerned you're losing upper body strength, these buys below can all help. They can be delivered to your door fairly soon, too. And you'll probably end up getting loads of use out of them once lockdown is over, on the weekends when going all the way to the gym is a chore.

Head over to our best home gym equipment guide for full-size equipment recommendations – multi gyms, exercise bikes and more. Check out our home gym page for exercise ideas and advice.

Bionix Exercise Resistance Bands and Workout Fitness Set | £15.48 at Amazon
For just over £15, you can bag a set of resistance bands suitable for all fitness levels. These bands can help enhance strength, build lean muscle and tone your arms, legs, glutes and bum. Everything we're wishing for, really. It also comes with ankle straps, hand grips and a door anchor, too. As well as a pouch to pop it all in. Who says you need tonnes of space for fitness equipment?View Deal

CHYIR Portable Pilates Bar | £22.99 at Amazon
Missing your beloved pilates class? Bring it home with help from this portable pilates bar. It even has two power cords with foot loops. It disassembles for easy storage and it's lightweight and portable. Use it for pilates or upper body strength training and it comes with a DVD which is jam-packed with exercises to try.View Deal

BEFANS Sit Up Bar | £23.99 at Amazon
Struggle to do sit ups without your feet deciding they want to join teams with your ceiling? You need this sit up bar. Designed with health, safety and comfort in mind, this small piece of kit can help you perform sit ups, all types of crunches and plenty other mat workouts, the proper way. It's better than making your partner stand on your feet...View Deal

Perfect Fitness Multi GYM Pro | £44.99 at Amazon
This multifunctional piece of equipment can be used to perform pull ups, chin ups, sit ups and dips at home. Secure it to your doorframe or pop it on the floor...View Deal

Northern Stone Height Adjustable Aerobic Step | £49.99 at Amazon
Ever tried a step workout? You'll love it. Buy this height adjustable aerobic step from Amazon to get your heart racing, indoor or out. It has three levels and although small, it's powerful – you'll be sweating in minutes. New stock arrives on the 10th May – buy now and they'll send it for free.View Deal

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