Heatwave triggers £2.3m worth of fan sales: get yours here before they go

The heatwave is here and fan sales are expected to go through the roof. Buy yours now, before they sell out

copper fan in living room by homebase
(Image credit: Homebase)

Just when we'd started coming to terms with the prospect of a rainy summer, we've been hit with a heatwave. And while many of will say 'Hallelujah! Pass the Pimms!', for a good few of us – hot weather haters, babies, the sick and the elderly – it can be too much to bear during the day. And let's face it, even sun worshippers can do without the hot nights. Which is where, in the absence of air con, fans come in.

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According to hot weather survival experts at Homebase, it takes just three days of sustained high temperature – that's 28ºC or above – for people to rush out and buy fans. Wait much longer, they say, and you might risk disappointment, as well as some warm days and even warmer nights.

In fact, so dramatic is this rush to keep cool, that Homebase reported £2.3 million worth of fan sales at their stores alone in the first week of July in 2018. Could Brits be set to beat that this year? 

Whether you anticipate needing to cool an office that isn't air conditioned; help the kids sleep through the night; or create a cool breeze in a small and stuffy flat, we'd recommend investing early.

Good news is, we've sent our fan expert (she exists) out to look for the best buys available RIGHT NOW. So pick yours up before they go. Oh, and we've just reviewed the world famous Dyson Pure Hot + Cool (you can see our review here). You might want to check it out; it's not a cheap buy but it is a world class heater, cooling fan and air purifier in one. 

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