H&M Home's gorgeous new range is just in time for Valentine's Day – treat yourself

Who needs to go to a pretentious restaurant when you could stay in, wrapped in a new pink towel surrounded by new pink candles? All thanks to H&M home, that is

H&M Home bathroom
(Image credit: H&M)

Eugh, Valentine's Day. Even if you have a S.O. it's still such a faff of a day. So much pressure to be extra loved up, to go out to pretentious restaurants, to buy gifts that on every other day of the year would be considered hideous. So, this year we encourage you, coupled up or not, to stay in on the 14th, order a takeaway, watch an insanely bad film (something with Adam Sandler usually does the trick) and have a good old pamper evening. 

H&M were clearly on a similar wavelength when they came up with their new bathroom ideas range, because it's all about taking some time for you, and treating yourself to some affordable luxuries this Valentine's Day. Keep scrolling to check out the new collection and be inspired by our pamper evening/don't want to leave the house Valentine's Day ideas...

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1. Buy all the candles 

H&M Home candle

(Image credit: H&M Home)

Because what is a pamper evening without candles? We'll be buying many as we can squeeze into our bathroom without setting the fire alarm off. H&M have some lovely new candles that not only smell amazing, but look gorgeous too. We love the scent of Freshly Cut Flowers and the packaging is dreamy – you can't go wrong with pink and gold. It's only £6.99, so go on and treat yourself!

2. Treat yourself to some new pjs 

H&M Home pjs

(Image credit: H&M Home )

Is there anything dreamier than new pjs? H&M's pyjamas are really affordable, this stunning silky set is only £39.99. If you are also here for Valentine's Day gift ideas, this would be a perfect buy. 

3. Update your towels to something more luxurious 

H&M Home towel

(Image credit: H&M Home)

Old, bleach stained towels just aren't very pamper night friendly. Treat yourself to a new set that won't only make you feel nicer, but will give your bathroom a little update, too. This rosy coloured bath sheet is just £8.99, and it does come in other colours too but we thought pink suited the occasion best. 

4. Choose some cute new toiletries 

H&M Home bathroom

(Image credit: H&M)

We aren't exactly sure on some of the phrases H&M have picked for their cute new toiletries 'Love is power, free as a flower'? Sure it's cute we guess but, 'Down to earth, up for fun'? We think that might just give guests the wrong impression... Anyway, if you don't read too much into what they mean, these toiletries look stylish and come in some lovely floral, woody scents. Plus they are super affordable at just £8.99. 

5. Try out some zen-inducing yoga 

Yep H&M make yoga accessories now. And we aren't just talking capri pants, they have just launched a yoga mat, a yoga block and the cutest sports towels we have ever seen. Maybe before all the pampering commences, you could encourage even more zen vibes with a quick yoga sesh.