Fan of M&S food? You can get your delivery via Ocado now

Get M&S food (yes, even Percy Pigs) straight to your door as Ocado starts delivering the high street favourite’s full range

Marks & Spencer food delivery
(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)

It’s been over a year since Marks & Spencer announced its joint venture with Ocado, but, from today, Ocado shoppers will be receiving M&S food in their deliveries rather than groceries from Waitrose. Obviously, we are a bit food obsessed here – just see our food hub for evidence – so we will admit we have been eagerly awaiting the pairing.

For fans of M&S food, it means access to the full range which had previously only been available in around a dozen stores. Now, over 6,000 products are on offer to over three-quarters of the UK population on (opens in new tab), along with Ocado’s exclusive brands and own-label products, and branded goods.

The M&S range includes new options for your fridge, freezer and store cupboard which have been introduced ahead of the launch. There are over 750 new items to put in your Ocado basket, or to pick up in an M&S store.

The new additions add bigger family-pack sizes, a larger choice of groceries and household cleaning products, and a bigger selection of organic products. The introductions follow a product-matching exercise against the 4,000 Waitrose products. 

So what can you pop in your M&S virtual or real trolley that you couldn’t before? Family pack sizes on offer include 1kg of dried pasta, and rice, 450g packs of vegetables, and 750g blocks of cheese. 

There are also more cooking and baking ingredients for meals from scratch than were previously available, additional frozen meat options, more fruit and vegetables, and nine new flavours of juices, cordials and squashes, including orange double strength squash.

Like to buy organic food for your household? There are organic tinned goods, nuts, dried fruits and preserves along with fresh meat and produce. How about treating yourself to organic strawberries, or organic raspberry conserve?

When it comes to the cost of your weekly shop, M&S says it’s introducing even better value on the items sold under the ‘remarksable value’ banner with hundreds of its groceries at better prices than before. Sliced bread with added fibre and vitamin D costs 65p; 100% free range eggs 90p; and responsibly farmed Scottish salmon is £4 for two fillets.

The temptation of putting Percy Pig sweets in your basket lies ahead, of course, if you already are, or plan to be, an Ocado shopper from now on. Sadly, though, we have to report that when we looked the entire Percy Pig range was showing as out of stock. Here’s hoping for speedy supplies.

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