Eco-friendly razors are a thing – this one costs just £9...

Finally, our calls for sustainability have been answered! An eco-friendly razor for an affordable price... Friction Free Shaving, how can we ever thank you?

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We've been swapping daily use items around our homes for eco-friendly alternatives for a while now. The one thing we've been struggling to switch? Our razors. Not anymore! Friction Free Shaving sell an eco-friendly razor that features an aloe vera lubrication strip for a smoother shave, as well as a flexible head to dip into the curves of your body. And it's pink or green – your choice – so will look pretty hanging in your shower. There's also the added bonus that you can get it engraved – just in case, you know, some tries to steal it?

We haven't even reached the best part yet – the razor costs just £9. In the box comes a handle, a protector and four blades – which are recyclable – and you'll get free delivery. If you shop directly through their website, it's a subscription service you'll have to opt into. This means they'll send you new heads every month or two based on how often you shave. Don't want to subscribe? You can buy the Friction Free Shaving Value Pack from Boots and Amazon for £15. These come with a handle and one blade.

Friction Free Shaving are against animal testing, they use only vegan products and packaging, their products are suitable for sensitive skin annnd their packaging is 100 per cent plastic-free. What's not to love?

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Friction Free Shaving Starter Kit | £9
(opens in new tab)First up you'll need to choose your style – Lily (green) or Rose (pink) – then you can choose to have it engraved for an extra £6. Next up you'll need to select how often you shave so they know how regularly to send new heads, then you're ready to pay! You'll be charged £9 initially for the razor, a free clamshell protector case and four blades, then every time your subscription is sent you'll be charged a further £9. Saves a trip to the shops – right?

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