Dogs remain a top burglar deterrent

A guard dog is second only to security cameras for putting off thieves, according to former burglars themselves

petplan dog image

Home security remains a high priority for UK homeowners, with 250,000 burglaries reported nationwide each year. And while many of us are turning to increasingly sophisticated home security technology such as smart security cameras to protect our homes, former burglars themselves report that a barking dog is just as effective a deterrent. 

In fact, according to a survey of ex-cons conducted by Co-op, barking dogs come second only to CCTV cameras in deterring burglars, while burglar alarms seem to bother potential thieves less than properly locked windows or a TV that's on. That's because most burglars are opportunists and will try to avoid a difficult job or confrontation with the home owners. 

If getting a dog is an even more attractive prospect now and you're wondering which breeds are best for the job, there is now a handy online tool, called Dog Breed Decider, developed by the pet food manufacturer Webbox, that will help make the decision easier. 

According to the tool, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Great Danes make the best guard dogs – these breeds are highly intelligent and focused, fearless when facing danger, but not aggressive towards owners or friendly visitors. 

The beautiful Japanese Akita is another great option, although their highly possessive natures make them better suited to being only pets in households with older children. The Dog Breed Decider uses statistics sourced from Dogs Trust, PETA, RSPCA and PDSA. 

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