Dark winter mornings affect your mood? Here are 5 reasons why you need a wake up light

Keep the winter blues at bay with a wake up light. Here are five reasons why you need one...

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At face value, wake up lights may seem like a super millennial and super pointless piece of kit that you just don't need. But that really couldn't be further from the truth. After some serious testing – and plenty of experience with seasonal affective disorder – we're here to share our experience of them. 

Investing in a wake up light can completely transform your experience of dark mornings for the better. They certainly have for us and thousands of others who don't get along with dark mornings, early commutes and the like. So, read on for five reasons why we think you need a wake up light – they're simple, but will make all the difference.

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1. Smart wake up lights tap into your circadian rhythms 

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So, you've heard that wake up lights make mornings easier. But, you'll likely be wondering how. Well, put simply, wake up lights use light (hence the name) to tap into our Circadian rhythms – an internal process that regulates the sleep cycle.

By gradually filling a room with light – as the sun does in summer – wake up lights interact with this internal rhythm, gently rousing us from sleep, as opposed to bringing sleep to an abrupt end, as a traditional alarm does. This is much less stressful for the body, as well as the mind, and means a slightly slower start to the day. It's a small change, but your body will really thank you for it.

2. Smart wake up lights let you come to as nature intended

As we mentioned, wake up lights are intended to replicate the sunrise. Once, humans relied on the sunrise to rouse them from their sleep. But most of us have fallen out of this pattern, or simply cannot risk just not waking up in the morning. 

But, that shouldn't mean forgetting about what nature intended entirely. Investing in a wake up light gives you the best of both worlds: tapping into nature and guaranteeing that you make it to work on time. Genius.

3. Smart wake up lights mean you can wake to birdsong, gentle waves and more

Ever been woken so abruptly by an alarm that you jumped half way across the room? Well, no more. The best wake up lights also come equipped with a variety of gentle sounds, ranging from birdsong and gentle waves to FM radio (though waking up to Brexit news might be the scariest alarm, going).

Combined with a gradually brightening light, we can't think of a better way to wake in the morning. 

4. Banish your phone from the bedroom (it's good for your health)

It's a controversial topic, but an overwhelming amount of research on the topic means that we just can't ignore the ill effects of having phones in the bedroom for much longer. Sorry.

Looking at your phone before bed and throughout the night has been proven to disrupt sleep, thanks to their emission of blue light. Investing in a wake up light will mean it's finally possible to banish your phone from the bedroom. After all, you'll no longer be able to rely on the excuse that you need it to set an alarm. Come on, we've all used it...

5. Help yourself unwind properly, too

So far, we've only talked about the benefits of using a wake up light to, well, wake up. But, what if we told you that they're also super handy for helping users drift off to sleep, too?

Some of our favourite models, including the Lumie Bodyclock 250, which we've rated highest in our pick of the best, comes with a sunset function, which can be set up to 90 minutes before bed to help you unwind.