Forgot to buy an advent calendar? See this cleaning one to get your home sparkling by Christmas

Mrs Hinch fans, don't miss this cleaning Advent calendar! Follow it from now until Christmas for a super clean home in time for the big day

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Forgot to buy an advent calendar this year? We're here to save the day – well, Dr.Beckmann (you know, the cleaning brand) is here. They've released a complete cleaning advent calendar for the Mrs Hinch fans among us, and we can't wait to get started. 

This calendar gives you one cleaning task a day – whether that's to de-clutter your home, ready for receiving presents, or, to clean your car ready for a festive journey. Only one task a day? We love to hear it! And, if you follow this advent calendar you should have everything in order by Christmas Eve! See the links to your right to jump to this advent calendar day by day. Bookmark this page and check back every day for a new cleaning job.

What's more? This advent is eco-friendly, too, with zero waste required since you're not technically opening it. And, you probably already have all of the cleaning products required under your sink.

Head to our dedicated best advent calendars 2020 guide if you want to buy a late calendar, or, see our Christmas page for all things festive from food to decorating.

Day 1

De-clutter your home, ready for a new year

"The lead-up to Christmas is here, so it’s time for a clear-out. Go through your house top to bottom and get rid of anything you don’t need - ready for 2021!"

This will also get your home ready for the copious amount of Christmas presents that will soon need a place to live. And, it makes a great opportunity to give things to charity – unused toys, clothes, kitchenware and more. 

Day 2

Scrub the skirting boards

"Run over your skirting boards with a vacuum and duster and then use a damp cloth to wipe away the remaining spots of dirt ."

Because honestly? When else do we ever get the chance to do this? Use the beset handheld vacuum to make this task easier. This Shark cordless one below is our favourite.

Day 3

Fab-loo-ous toilet treatment 

"Clean your toilet using Dr. Beckmann’s famous Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner. Watch as the foam fizzes up to a mountain of fresh cleaning fun! Chuck it, Brush it, Flush it"

Day 4

Tackle the teapot

"Descale your kettle ready for the winter warming hot drinks. Fill your pot with a mixture of half water and half vinegar, leave to soak overnight. Rinse thoroughly in the morning to remove any lingering odours, then boil up some fresh water."

Day 5

Nurture the nature of your home

"Spruce up your garden furniture with a dry cloth to remove any excess dirt or leaves that have fallen. Then use a wet cloth and cleaning solution to remove stubborn marks."

You could also go outside and sweep all of the leaves, and even give your patio a jetwash should you have time.

Day 6

Freshen up the floor

"Floors often have unseen dirt and germs and require a deeper clean. Use Dr. Beckmann’s Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner to leave your bathroom and kitchen floors sparkling. It also adds a protective layer to your tiles to prevent them from staining."

Alternatively, get out that steam mop and banish bacteria with ease. Don't (yet) own one? See our list of the best steam cleaners and mops.

Day 7

Watch your windows sparkle

"Before the winter weather really hits, give your windows a wipe down. Sweep loose dirt from the window frame with a brush, then use a glass cleaner with a microfibre cloth or paper towel to finish the job."

We recommend using Mr Muscle's Window and Glass Cleaner (opens in new tab) to do this – the best stuff on the market. Use it with kitchen roll for a streak-free finish. Or, buy a window vac and tackle this job in seconds.

Day 8

Dreaming of a Glo-white Christmas

"Time to bring your Christmas decorations out of the attic and give them a well-needed dust. To brighten up your snowmen, angels or snowflake soft toys place them in the wash alongside Dr. Beckmann’s Glowhite to bring the faded colour back to life."

If you haven't already turned your home into Santa's grotto, then today is the best day to do so. Already done? Why not give your decorations a little move around – switch up your garlands, move your wreath from one door to another...

Day 9

Knock, Knock

"Door knobs, handles and letterboxes are common items that are usually forgotten about when doing your cleaning chores. It’s important to regularly wipe down the front door with soap and water and apply a surface cleaner to the objects."

This is especially important if you are having guests over for Christmas festivities, and to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. It's not just you who touches your letterbox – the postperson, the Amazon delivery person...

Day 10

Give your appliances a 5* service

"Tackle the dishwasher and washing machine with Dr. Beckmann’s Service-it Deep Clean range. Pour the powder directly into the bottom of the empty dishwasher or drum of the washing machine, then select a standard cleaning programme and run the cycle."

After all, you will be using both of these a lot during the festive period, the least you could do is give them a little TLC.

Day 11

Travel in style

"De-clutter and clean your car ready for the holidays. Take out the floor mats and shake the dirt off, then give it a once over with the vacuum. It’s always handy to have a mini travel wash in your car, for any overnight stain emergencies."

If you are heading on a long journey to be with family this Christmas, then you want to make sure your car is comfortable and clean. You could also grab a few car accessories from Amazon (opens in new tab) – from a bin to a new air freshener.

Day 12

Stairway to cleaning heaven

"Hoover up your stairs to remove all the excess debris and dirt. For the more stubborn stains use Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover to snow them who’s boss!"

Day 13

Food, Glorious, Food!

"Clean and empty your fridge ready for the festive food. Take out all drawers and shelves and wash thoroughly with washing-up liquid and hot water."

You could also grab some fridge storage – Stacey Solomon style – to organise your cheese from your tomatoes and your snacks.

See this cute fridge storage (opens in new tab) from Amazon.

Day 14

Paw-fectly clean-up after your pets

"Spruce up your pet’s bed ready for the Christmas fun, pop it in the washing machine for a deep cleanse, then give those stubborn marks a scrub with Dr. Beckmann’s Pet Stain & Odour Remover."

Day 15

Pot, Kettle, Attack!

"Time to descale the kettle again, as it’s being used regularly it’s important to keep on top of the cleaning to avoid build-up of limescale. Add half vinegar and half water to the kettle and leave to soak, then rinse thoroughly."

Day 16

Say goodbye to stubborn stains

"Getting stains out of carpets can seem like an impossible task (especially if its mulled wine), but when you use Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover the stubborn stains soon become a distant memory."

Day 17

Fresh, clean washing machine = fresh, clean laundry

"The washing machine is on a never-ending spin during holiday season, use a specialised cleaner to banish the bacteria and microorganisms living inside your machine to leave your clothes smelling and feeling fresh."

Day 18

Festive, foamy fun!

"Make sure to give your loo another once over with the Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner. We challenge you not to become obsessed with the foamy fun?!"

Day 19

Freshen up after your four-legged friends

"Tidy up your sofa and remove any crumbs, pet hairs or lingering dust balls. The best approach is to use a sticky roller or pad to remove visible pet hairs followed by the vacuum cleaner to capture any unseen crumbs and dust."

You'll need your new handheld vacuum for this...

Day 20

Banish those devilish stains

"Time to transform your Christmas tablecloth. If the material has some secret stains, then treat with a specialised stain remover. Wet the stain with water and then add the remover onto the area and work into the mark, leave for 3 minutes then dab until the stain has disappeared."

Day 21

Ho, Ho, Ho

"Pop all of the family’s Christmas jumpers in the wash ready for the big day! Use Dr. Beckmann’s Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets or Re-Usable Colour Collector Cloth to ensure that your festive jumpers stay merry and bright."

Day 22

Overwork that oven

"Give the oven a deep clean ready for the Christmas dinner. Apply cleaning gloves and squirt oven cleaner all over the exterior and interior of the oven. Leave overnight, then use a cloth to scrub the spillages away. Your oven will be shining clean and fresh in no time."

Just in time for your turkey...

Day 23

 Time for bed…

"Get into a clean, white bed with Dr. Beckmann’s Glowhite ULTRA. Place your bedding, detergent and a sachet of the laundry whitener in the washing machine and watch as your bed sheets come out sparkling white." 

Or, finally get the Christmas bedding out.

Day 24

Merry Cleanmas!

"And…RELAX! Put your feet up, the festivities have begun!"

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