Cheap fan alert! This stylish Swan fan is just £39 at Amazon today

Beat the heat with this bargain fan! Not only does it look the part, but it'll keep you cool all night long

Swan SFA12620CN Cream Retro Fan on surface in living room
(Image credit: Swan)

In the market for a fan? This all-important buy can be the difference between a good or bad night's sleep. And for just £39, it's more than worth the money. Buying the best fan for your needs is a must whether it's a standing fan or a desk fan, just be sure that it has a range of different modes and speeds to choose from. Oh, and that it looks good, of course. These things are rather hard to hide. 

We've spotted the Swan Desk Fan at Amazon with £10 off, making its price tag only £39 today. This great fan comes in six colours from red to grey, beige, black, blue and green, and it has free delivery. Not only that but it has three speed settings, it can be tilted to your height preference and it works at a low noise level so that you can still catch some Zzzs while cooling down. All of this for just £39? Hurry to shop this deal before it sells out. We've popped it below.

Swan SFA12620CN Retro Fan | Was £49, now £39 at Amazon
With 22 per cent off right now, this gorgeous fan is both stylish and practical. It has a diameter of 12-inches and would look great sitting on a desk or bedside table. Not only can it oscillate, but it can tilt and you can adjust its height. Aluminium blades sit inside the mesh grill for safety and durability purposes, while a 1.6-meter long cord powers it. It's quiet when in operation so as not to wake you or your children, and it comes in six colours! Green is our fave.View Deal

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What to look out for when buying a fan?

If the fan above didn't tickle your fancy but you're still on the hunt for a fan, use these helpful pointers below to buy the best one for your specific needs.

Consider the fan's power. A higher watt doesn't necessarily mean it'll spin faster, but it may sound louder. Size: some fans are made to be popped on a desk or other surface, while others are standing. Think about where you'll be using it the most. Some fans boast up to 10 different speed settings. If you're after something with a lot to choose from and are fussy, it's definitely worth considering this feature. But then again, three functions should do just fine... The average noise output of a fan should be around 40 to 50dB. Buy one any louder and you're risking being woken up at night. Timer? Some fans will work with a timer to switch off so won't be on all night. Can't find that feature? Invest in a smart plug or timer to do the work for you. 

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