Asda launches 'volunteer card' to help get food to those self isolating – here's everything you need to know

Asda's new 'volunteer card' provides a safe – and cash free – way to pay for your shopping if someone else is doing it for you

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Asda's newly launched 'volunteer card' is a genius idea that helps get food to those self isolating as safely as possible, and is particularly helpful if you – or someone you know – are relying on the kindness of strangers. 

We've seen so many incredible acts of generosity during the coronavirus outbreak, with neighbours stepping up to help get food, and other essentials, to those who are unable to leave the house. And while nine times out of ten, this is a simple act of kindness and food is delivered without a glitch, unfortunately there are occasions in which those offering their services are not as genuine as they may seem. 

Equally, if you're volunteering to collect food for a neighbour, you may feel uncomfortable about the process of exchanging money, or card details. This is where Asda's new 'volunteer card' comes in. 

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So, how does Asda's 'volunteer card' work? Simply put, it provides a safe, secure and totally contactless way of allowing others to shop for you.

Those interested in the volunteer card should start by buying one online –  It can then be emailed to the volunteer shopping on your behalf,  or printed out and left in a safe place for the volunteer to pick up. The volunteer then shops using the card, makes the payment using the barcode in store, and leaves the shopping in a safe place.

This is not only beneficial because it means you can shop online and control the amount of money the volunteer shopping on your behalf can spend in the supermarket – but it also minimises the risk associated with handling cash at the moment.

Get your volunteer shopping card today.