America's favorite scented candle revealed

Research into the nation's favorite scents shows that our love for fall knows no bounds

scented candle on kitchen counter with sink
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Having a spring clean, displaying some fresh flowers and lighting a scented candle never fails to make us feel better. If we had to stick to one scent for the rest of our lives, we'd probably go for something woody like The White Company's Fireside for all the cozy vibes.

Whether it's a candle, oil burner, or a reed diffuser, stocking up on home fragrance is one easy way to make our homes feel happier. Shane Co has revealed America's favorite scented candle, and it may not come as a huge surprise that it is... Pumpkin.

small LED pumpkin candles in orange

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Before we begin, a quick disclaimer. Unfortunately, the following states were not included as there wasn't enough search data: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

America's favorite scented candle

Pumpkin came out on top, as it was the most-searched-for scent in a total of nine states. It goes to show that our love of fall and fall decor knows no bounds. 

September hits and we simply can't resist a trip to Target to stock up on all the pumpkin spice candles as we head into colder weather and darker nights. This cozy scent was closely followed by a more neutral fragrance, vanilla, which was the most popular scent in eight states.

vanilla yankee candle

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Lavender, lemon and rose were also crowd-pleasers, each being voted the top scent in three states. New Yorkers and Texans were partial to a gardenia scented candle, whereas over on the East coast in California, it's all about classic vanilla.

In terms of conducting the research, Shane Co first made a list of the 24 most popular scents, including citrus, gardenia, pumpkin, vanilla and lavender. It then looked at Google search data between November 2020 and November 2021 for each scent, organized by state, the most searched for being deemed the most popular.

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Find out if your favorite scent matches your state on their website. Oklahoma was a bit of a curveball, as it was the only state with not just a favorite scent but a specific favorite candle, the Capri Blue Volcano, available at Amazon

A candle is a classic gift, and we kind of love the idea of matching it to the recipient's state.

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