Shop Aldi's Valentine's gifts – and smash present buying on a budget

Aldi's Valentine's Day gifts start from just 79p and they are SUPER CUTE

Aldi Valentine's Day
(Image credit: Aldi)

Is there anything Aldi can't do? Want a new stylish armchair? Go to Aldi. Need to stock up on knock-off 'posh' crisps (you all know the ones we mean)? Go to Aldi. Got an avocado cushion-shaped hole in your life? Hey, guess what? Go to Aldi. And now they have totally smashed Valentine's Day gifts too. There's something for everyone with Aldi Valentine's gifts available in the Specialbuys section, from perfumes and skincare to pjs and the cutest cuddly toys, and prices start at just 79p! 

Shop our favourite picks below or head over to or Valentine's Day gifts ideas buying guide for more ideas. 

Sloth and Avocado Soft Toy | £7.98
A sloth and an avocado? The two greatest things in the world, in soft toy form with cute messages on them – what's not to love here? The avocado says "Let's avo cuddle" (damn, that's cute), and the sloth says "I love you slow much" (nawwww). Yes we know they are cringy but it's the one day a year you are allowed to enjoy stuff like this in a non-ironic way, so go for it. View Deal

Cupig and Pug Soft Toy | £7.98
Oh, there's more. And pug and pig, no a love pug and a cu- pig. Aldi, you are killing us here. View Deal

Ladies' Eau De Parfum Set | £14.97
Okay, here's something a bit more...mature. This is a great gift if you aren't sure what type of scent to get, because with this selection you cover all bases. Lacura Floral is, well, floral. Lacura Je Suis Belle is fresh and sweet, and Lacura E1 Exclusive is more of a rich, spicy scent. View Deal

Glass Candle Set | £11.37
A super easy, but still lovely Valentine's gift is a candle - or three. In this Aldi set you get Velvet Rose, Night Orchid and Opium Noir. Very Oscar Wilde-esque. View Deal

Fizzy Bath Salts | 79p
Haha! We love that these bath salts say I do love you. It's like despite the fact you never wash up, never make the bed and are just often quite irritating, I promise I do love you. Look, here are some 79p bath salts to prove it. View Deal

Men's Superman Pyjamas | £8.99
Don't worry we know you are buying these in an ironic way, and you are not going to sit around in your matching superhero pjs (yes, there is a Superwoman version), cuddling your avocado toys, and telling others how amazing you are. 

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