Aldi's fitness range means you can exercise at home – on a budget

Aldi's fitness buys will help you to achieve those exercise goals in 2020 – and will help save you money, too

Aldi fitness buys
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Started the New Year with a resolution to exercise more? Of course you have (so have we). But investing in the best home gym equipment can be expensive – which is why we thought you'd like to know that Aldi has a budget range of exercise kit that's pretty good quality, too. 

We've rounded up the best of their fitness equipment and gear so you can see what's on offer. Find out more about creating a home gym in our guide.

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1. Crane 6-in-1 Multi Trainer, £24.99

Crane 6-in-1 Multi Trainer

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Get your hands on this Multi Trainer to combine all your workouts at once. For just £24.99 you can ditch the gym and enjoy a workout from the comfort of your home, the garden or basically... wherever you want. Let the gym come to you. Comes with an adjustable feature for varying workout intensities, can facilitate six different exercises, it has a foldable space as a storage solution and it even comes with a workout DVD and exercise chart. 

Crane 6-in-1 Multi Trainer, £24.99

2. Weight Lifting Bench, £119.99

Weight Lifting Bench

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This multi-function weight lifting bench is fitted with an adjustable feature so your workout needn't be repetitive; you can focus on upper or lower body and use the V-handle attachment for ab workouts. It has an adjustable back rest and a station for both leg extensions and leg curls. There are so many brilliant benefits to weight lifting but often it only gets credit for building muscle. How about improved posture, better sleep and boosting your metabolism? 

Weight Lifting Bench, £119.99

3. Crane Curl Barbell Set, £39.99

Crane Curl Barbell Set

(Image credit: Aldi)

Deck out your gym gear and accessories with this advanced barbell set, made from high quality chrome plated steel. Included are two 3kg, two 2.5kg and two 1.25kg weights which you can slot onto the steel bar. Adapt the weight for each muscle group workout, switching up whether you'll focus on legs with squats and lunges or work on your back and upper body.

Crane Curl Barbell Set, £39.99

4. Blue Seamless Capri Fitness Leggings, £3.99

Blue Seamless Capri Fitness Leggings

(Image credit: Aldi)

Urm, what's not to love? These seamless blue gym leggings look sleek and cool and cost just £3.99. What's more, they have five star reviews, with their comfort and 'true to size' fit commended. The moisture-regulating design of these leggings confirms claims of comfort and we can't wait to grab some for ourselves! These are the motivation we need.

Blue Seamless Capri Fitness Leggings, £3.99

5. Ladies' Grey Fitness Jacket, £7.99

Ladies' Grey Fitness Jacket

(Image credit: Aldi)

Need some motivation to head out the door into the cold winds and go on that run you just know will make you feel great? You may need to add this fitness jacket to your wardrobe (or gym bag). Not only is it stylish but also practical with a hood, two pockets and a zip. Oh, plus it is made from microfleece so snuggle up and get your 2020 jog on!

Ladies' Grey Fitness Jacket, £7.99

6. Exercise Bike, £64.99

Exercise Bike

(Image credit: Aldi)

There's nothing you need more as the new year kicks in than a slice of fitness motivation within your very home. However, when on the search for home fitness equipment we're usually faced with huge prices and disappointing performance... not at Aldi. Challenge yourself with eight resistance levels, and use the multiple features to measure time, speed, distance, calories, pulse and fitness. The ergonomic design it fitted with an adjustable saddle, steel frame and adjustable handlebar with foam grips... oh and it even has an on-board computer!

Exercise Bike, £64.99

7. Non-Slip Yoga Mat, £4.99

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

(Image credit: Aldi)

Whether you're on the look out for a space to indulge in your post-workout stretches or you're just more about finding your zen than bulking up, you need one of these non-slip yoga mats. Aldi's low price does not mean it has compromised on quality, with a cushioned, non-slip surface. Both lightweight and portable, bring your workout potential with you this year. 

Non-Slip Yoga Mat, £4.99

8. Drawstring Fitness Bag, £2.99

Drawstring Fitness Bag

(Image credit: Aldi)

What are you waiting for? Last year's gym bag has been through a lot, most likely stained with mud and grass and likely with that gross damp smell... admit it. This bag has multiple compartments to safely store everything from your keys to your trainers. The front pocket has a reversed zipper, there's a small inner zipped pocket and it comes with sternum clip to prevent PP cord straps from slipping. Not bad for £2.99.

Drawstring Fitness Bag, £2.99

9. Crane Dumbbell Set 5kg, £8.99

Crane Dumbbell Set 5kg

(Image credit: Aldi)

These dumbbells are suitable for more experienced exercisers but are also a great way to encourage muscular strength training if you tend to focus on cardiovascular fitness elsewhere. The soft ergonomic handles with non-slip grip are comfortable to use.

Crane Dumbbell Set 5kg, £8.99

10. Slam Ball 12Kg, £19.99

Slam Ball 12Kg

(Image credit: Aldi)

It's easy to isolate body parts that you can exercise from the comfort of your own home but achieving a full body workout without stepping outside of your door isn't always as simple. That's why this 12kg slam ball is the ideal addition to your workout accessories. Due to the texture outer material of the ball, the grip and control you can achieve is excellent. Oh, and the design also ensures there'll be no bounce back and unnecessary injury, don't worry!

Slam Ball 12Kg, £19.99

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