These Aldi candles could pass for the real designer deal and they are SO cheap

These Aldi candles from their Hotel Collection could definitely pass as designer, except these ones are affordable

Aldi luxury candles
(Image credit: Aldi)

When we say 'Aldi candles', we mean Aldi luxury candles. Seriously, not only do they look super expensive with their simple, classic design (is it just us or does the numerical format give you Jo Malone vibes??), but they also smell gorgeous without giving off an overwhelming scent of air fresheners in hospitals and public bathrooms...

This luxury candle range has an off white, creamy wax with two wicks, meaning it lets off a warm, cosy glow, burns evenly and adds an elevated elegance to any room. What's more, as much as we are partial to bagging a bargain at Aldi, we understand the faff of wading through the chaotic aisles on the weekend... for this reason, discovering that Amazon is stocking these Hotel Collection candles has us SO excited!

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Blackberry and bay candle Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

These luxury candles adopt a fruity scent, injecting a freshness into any room. There is a choice of a few different scents and we love the fact that Aldi has maintained a fruity theme but considered the versatile undertones of fruit. Choose from the sharper No.3 Pomegranate or No.1 Lime and Basil or the sweeter No.2 Blackberry and Bay, and more.

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