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Remember the other week, I did an obviously super funny caption about the 'sh*t sandwich' post.. You know. Good. Bad. Good. Well. Here's another. Today I awoke thinking super positive vibes. Apparently temps of 30 degrees are set to hit us today. The endless washing possibilities filled me with joy. Yes I may have an early start to the day, dropping the car for its service. One child off school. The other child poorly and off school. Even the husband working from home was cool with me... So as I begrudgingly, but filled with sunny vibes joy, plodded down these steps to my car. I was to discover.. A half eaten garibaldi (squashed fly biscuit) on the car seat. I sh*t you not. It wasn't mine. I would never leave a half eaten one that's for sure. But as I looked closer.. The toot I leave in the cup bits was carefully laid out on the chair... Earrings, wrappers.. The odd car parking ticket and some dog poo bags... As I looked even closer my glove box was open... And the trusty sat nav (old school one you clip on the screen...) was gone. Along with some lonely pennies and five pence's, I think even the pack of Squashies I'd left in there had been munched too... Some delightful human had decided to try their luck opening car doors. And stupid me, obviously didn't lock mine last night. Which is something I never forget to do... Im even a tad ocd with it. But, these things happen and its a lesson learnt. So I shan't wish any bad feeling to the lucky human that got a cheeky snack and an old sat nav without it's wire from my car. I wish you well. But I'm afraid your half eaten biccy has gone in the bin so don't come back for it. K hun?! 😑 Seeing as I'm in the mood for giveaways..🤣 I do have a bloody fabulous one coming your way tonight!! So check back later to see what it is... There may even be a clue in this square.... And no. Its not a life time supply of garibaldi's... 😉 Good/bad/good. Sh*t sandwich post in one. Done. @anglianhome @sophierobinsoninteriors #sorealhomes #doorsofinstagram #doorsoftheworld #frontdoordecor #fauxflowers #doorwreath #anglianstyledbyme #colourmyhome #colourlover #colourhappiness #colorhunters #periodfeatures #styleithappy #ekbbhome Victoria

A photo posted by @house_with_the_yellow_door on Jun 28, 2018 at 11:16am PDT