Nail your extension and you'll increase your home's value – here's how to get the design just right

Watch the Real Homes Show for advice on getting an extension that a) you'll love and b) will make you money in the long run

If you want to add an extension to your home, then you need to watch the latest episode of the Real Homes Show (above). Architect Nick Stockley explains how the design process works, and how to make sure you get the perfect extension for your lifestyle and budget. Tune in for advice on what you need to know BEFORE you speak to any architects, plus why being open to new ideas could help you maximise the value of your home. 

Also in this episode, sponsored by Resi (opens in new tab), tech expert Verity Burns shares the five gadgets every traveller needs, and interior designer Sian Astley (opens in new tab)has the hallway trends you need to know about. Finally, watch presenter Laura Crombie's guide to buying a mattress in a box.

The whole episode is 20 minutes' long, but you can use these timing to skip to your favourite sections:

  • Extension (40 secs): How to work with your architect to get an extension design that works for your lifestyle and budget
  • Mattress in a box (5 mins 20 secs): Why should you buy a mattress in a box and how easy are they to unpack
  • Tech for travellers (9 mins 15 secs): 5 gadgets that will keep your home and belongings safe while you're away
  • Hallway design trends (11mins 57 secs): Discover the 3 trends that'll liven up your hallway
  • Competition (15 mins 50 secs): Win a Bereco front door, worth up to £3,000 (now closed)

Laura is Brand Development Director for Real Homes, focusing on digital content. She has written about homes and interiors for the last 12 years and was Deputy Editor and Editor of Real Homes before taking on her current position. She's currently renovating a 1960s house in Worcestershire, doing as much as possible on a DIY basis.