How to get a good night's sleep as the seasons change

Sleeping well as the clocks go back and the weather gets colder can be a challenge; here's how to get it right

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As the seasons change, sleeping well can become more challenging. In the autumn months, we begin to turn on heating and use a lot of electric light, to say nothing of staring at our screens well past sunset. All of these things can make us restless at night, and it's very important to create a bedroom atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing, and sleep-promoting.  Fortunately, there are several easy steps we can all take to sleeping well in autumn and winter, which we've developed together with John Lewis & Partners. Read on to find out how to maximise restful sleep during the colder months. 

1. Invest in the best mattress for your needs

The mattress is the foundation of your sleep whatever the season, but you will always feel any flaws in your mattress more as the seasons change, especially if your mattress isn't offering you good temperature regulation. As we turn the heating on, mattresses with lots of synthetic layers can feel hot and uncomfortable, which will make you toss and turn in bed. 

If this is your issue, or if you're an allergy sufferer, you might want to consider getting a natural mattress – that is, a mattress only made with natural materials such as wool, without the use of glue or chemical treatments. Take a look at the John Lewis Eco Mattress, for example.

2. Get breathable bedding

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As the seasons change, you need to swap your bedding. Firstly, you will need a a warmer duvet. If you're too cold at night, you won't get a good night's sleep. This doesn't automatically mean getting a feather or down duvet, though, because these can make you too hot, which will also disrupt your sleep. Consider a wool-filled duvet, instead: wool is temperature-regulating and will keep you warm without overheating. Some microfibre duvets also have this quality: look for 'breathable' in the description. 

3. Choose the best sheets you can afford

Good sheets are not just an indulgence, but are crucial to a good night's sleep. Avoid synthetic sheets: always go for good-quality cotton (preferably organic) or, budget permitting, silk. These natural materials wick moisture away from your body, keeping you comfortable. Don't worry too much about thread counts, either: instead, look for bedlinen made from long staple cotton, which is higher quality. 

4. Create a tranquil atmosphere with your bedroom design

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Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the pressures of daily life, and soft furnishings like cushions and throws will help you feel safe and relaxed when you enter the room in the evenings. This doesn't necessarily mean that everything has to be grey and white: try a darker colour scheme if you prefer. The idea is to create a space that's inviting and makes you think about restful sleep – if the colour that you associate with it is midnight blue, then try accessorising with this colour.

5. Choose soft lighting that won't stop you drifting off

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Last but not least, lighting can make a huge difference to how easy it will be to drift off at night. Avoid overly bright, harsh lighting, particularly bright ceiling lights or spotlights. Instead, invest in bedside lights with soft shades and choose light bulbs that are marked 'warm white' or even 'amber'. You want to minimise exposure to blue light in the hour before bedtime – but don't worry, soft lighting can still be bright enough for reading, it'll just be more yellow than blue. 

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