5 ways that air conditioning could change your life at home

Mitsubishi Electric's latest models prove that air conditioning in homes has come a long way.

Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted air conditioning unit in open plan apartment
(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

A sense of total wellbeing at home has never been so important. And, Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to developing the best products to help you live better in your own space.

When it comes to the layout and decor of our homes, we’ve adapted accordingly to suit a new way of living. From your home office setup – that might be in a garden room – to more indoor greenery and new tech additions, it all plays an important part in making time at home fun, comfortable and functional. And like with most things, there is always more you can do...

Air conditioning doesn't seem like a must-have for the home, especially in the UK. That’s not to say that we don’t love the fresh, crisp feel of a perfectly air conditioned space, but we often associate actual air conditioning units with holidays abroad, coffee shops and as solely reserved for business settings. 

So who’s to say that you can’t and shouldn’t enjoy this luxury in your own space?

The latest Mitsubishi Electric home air conditioning range proves that it is possible to bring all that air conditioning now has to offer, into your own home – without compromising on style. From air cooling and purifying features to seamless connectivity, it may come as a surprise just how far air conditioning has come. These are our favourite features.

1. Regulated temperature

mitsubishi electric air conditioning unit cools down home office in garden room

(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

We’ll start with the fundamentals here. A house that maintains an optimal temperature all year round – be that in the lounge, your new office garden room and/or she shed – will create a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone.

Remember stepping into a cool office after a hot lunchtime walk? You can still enjoy that same sensation. Whether you work from home or not, the weather still remains unpredictable, so having precise technology on hand, as is present in the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning range, to balance out different weather conditions will ensure you are equipped for all unexpected fluctuations in temperature. Whether your space needs a blast of cool or warm air.

2. Energy efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unit in red

(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

Before you panic about increasing your bills and overall energy consumption by bringing an air conditioning unit into your home, think again.

Mitsubishi Electric A+++ models offer exceptional performance with low power consumption to ensure that your budget stays just as comfortable as you.

3. Improved air quality on all fronts

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units are air purifying also

(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

Mitsubishi Electric Premium and Zen Series air conditioning systems not only regulate temperature but they will help purify the air also. Meaning that those with allergies, asthma and hay fever will breathe easier, especially over trigger months like in the summertime. It’s the dual barrier coatings and Plasma Quad Plus technology that gets in the way of air borne particles, filtering and ridding the air of irritants like pet dander, dust and bacteria. Leading to a cleaner environment for everyone.

4. Silent sleep-filled nights

Sleeping woman with air conditioning unit

(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

A good mattress is important but so is a restful and healthy environment. Cleaner air will make your sleeping space calm and you won’t need to worry about an air conditioning model interrupting you mid-deep sleep either (infuriating to say the least). The Mitsubishi Electric home series is designed with ultra low noise levels, making all models the most silent of sleeping companions and, not to mention, ideal working from home partners.

5. A seamless addition to your home

Blue kitchen space with air conditioning unit

(Image credit: Mitsubishi Electric)

Mitsubishi Electric offers its latest series in a selection of cool, contemporary hues to suit all modern homes and different interior design schemes. 

Choose from Onyx Black for a chic finish, Ruby Red for a fiery bright addition and Natural or Pearl White for neutral decor and let it blend into your space as it suits you.

From seamless styling to simple functionalities, you can operate Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units using Wi-Fi controls and you can even pre-programme yours through the MELCloud App, to create the perfect stress-free atmosphere. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and easy to pair with your home's Google Assistant– that's modern air conditioning for you. 

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