3 ways to improve your home so you don't have to move

With house prices across the UK falling and fewer people looking to move home, why not improve your current home instead?

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A recent survey by Barclays and property expert, Phil Spencer, revealed that 79% of homeowners had made improvements to their home in the last two years, with 73% wanting to make improvements in the next 12 months.

However, if you are looking to make improvements to your home it is important to make changes that will add value to your property.

Replacement timber casement window by The Sash Window Workshop

Improve energy efficiency

Does your home constantly feel cold or do you feel draughts when it is windy outside? If so, improving the energy efficiency of your home will not only make it more pleasant to live in but also add value to your property.

Draught proofing your windows and doors is one of the most affordable ways to improve energy efficiency and the comfort of your home. Draught proofing involves filling the gaps around the window or door frame to stop warm air escaping from your home and cold draughts coming in.

Draught proofing should come as standard when new windows or doors are installed in the property, but it is worth noting that over time this can become worn and will need replacing.

Research by English Heritage found that mending cracks and draught proofing a sash window can reduce air infiltration by as much as 86%, making your home noticeably warmer and more comfortable to live in.

Double glazed timber sash window by The Sash Window Workshop


Double glazed timber windows can also make a large difference to your home. Providing you are not restricted by planning regulations; double glazing can be a great way to reduce your heating bills, help reduce external noise levels and improve energy efficiency. As a result of all these benefits, double glazing will add great value to your home.

If your property doesn’t have roof insulation, consider installing it. Making changes to period properties often require great care as nothing was standard when the house was originally built. However, installing roof insulation is more likely to be straightforward and can help you make substantial savings on your energy bill.

 Timber bi-fold door by The Sash Window Workshop

Install bi-fold doors

The results of the recent survey highlighted that installing bi-fold doors was the most desired home improvement. If you are considering an extension to your home, or remodelling the kitchen or living room, why not consider changing your back door to be a bi-fold door?

Bi-fold doors offer the flexibility of being able to choose how much you want the doors to open. This allows you to keep the home warm and cosy in the winter months, while opening your home up to make the most of the outdoor space in during the warmer summer months.

If your home is already open plan, then timber bi-fold doors are a great way to continue this concept. The door’s glass panels also allow for more light to flood into your room.

 Timber front door by The Sash Window Workshop

Replace the front door

A front door can make a large difference to the value of the property as it is one of the first things that people see when they visit.

Installing a new front door can help improve the security of your home while also brightening up the front of the property.

It is important to keep the front door in a good condition, as a damaged front door can make it easier for someone to break into the property. Installing high quality ironmongery with your replacement front door can improve both the look and security of the door.

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