6 steps to getting the best night's sleep, whatever your sleeping style

Thanks to sleep advisors at John Lewis & Partners, it’s never been easier to ensure you’re maximising sleep potential

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While those of us who don’t get enough good quality sleep may be reluctant to believe it, ongoing research continues to assert the benefits of a good night sleep on our well being through the restoration of energy and consequent uplifting effects on the mind and body.

With this, in turn, leading to more productive days, sleep advisors at John Lewis & Partners are on a mission to ensure that everyone is getting the best night sleep possible. To make this easy to apply to a busy lifestyle, they’ve come up with 6 simple steps that, if followed, will ensure you’re maximising sleep potential. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

1. Invest time in speaking to a sleep advisor

While dividing the nation into front, side and back sleepers is the most common method used to differentiate between sleeping needs; sleep advisors at John Lewis & Partners know there’s much more to maximising sleep than just this, having received specialist training to establish their technical knowledge when it comes to identifying the right bedding for the right customer. 

From shift workers, teenagers and parents to those who get too hot and those who get too cold (to mention just a few sleeping grievances), sleep advisors recognise that a range of factors contribute to an individual's ability to sleep well.

If you’re serious about getting the best night sleep possible, take time to speak to an in-store sleep advisor (you’ll find them in beds department of all branches) who can help uncover your individual sleeping style and recommend bespoke solutions for improving sleep quality.

2. Find out which mattress is right for you

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing a mattress, harness the expertise of the John Lewis & Partners sleep advisor by utilising their handy Mattress Buying Guide. 

Recognising that sleep is personal, it’s a great starting point when it comes to choosing a mattress; promising to guide you effectively through your requirements and towards the best option for maximising sleep. Whether your requirement is for a soft or firm mattress, pocket spring or memory foam, single or emperor size, John Lewis & Partners go the extra mile in terms of helping identify a style that suits. 

For those looking to limit their impact on the earth, the John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Mattresses are an advisable option. Hand stuffed with sustainable, natural and eco friendly mattress fillings, they’re biodegradable and chemical-free. 

In addition to this, they are, notably, designed with the sleeper in mind, offering three levels of support – Comfort, Firm and Luxury – depending on the needs of the user. As if this wasn’t enough, all John Lewis & Partners branded mattresses come with a 7 year guarantee from the date of purchase. What's not to love?

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3. Choose high quality products that will stand the test of time

Once you’re sure of your sleep style and have identified the type of mattress you require, it’s important to commit to maximising sleep quality by investing in high quality products designed with sleep technology at their core

Too hot in bed

If you find yourself regularly overheating in bed, this may mean the combination of a Natural Collection Mattress with a Breathable Microfibre Duvet and Pillow and Temperature Balancing 400 TC Bedding. 

Too cold in bed

For those at the opposite end of the scale, the recommended combination may include a foam mattress, such as the Pocket Essentials Memory 1000 and a Siberian Goose Down Duvet which, on account of it’s high, 730 fill power (that’s a measure of how fluffy it is) effectively traps air. In addition to this, it would be advisable to pick up a Memory Foam Support Pillow and Cosy Window Check Brushed Cotton Duvet Set.

All products available from John Lewis & Partners, either online or in-store.

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4. When maximising sleep, think beyond the mattress

While a good quality mattress is a sleep essential, it’s equally important to think about the effect the rest of your bedding is having on your ability to get a good night's rest. 

For example, parents of children, particularly those co-sleeping, should note the importance of wool bedding and its chemical free, hypoallergenic properties – we love the Devon Duvets Little Lana Natural Wool Duvet and Pillow Set.

Meanwhile, luxurious and sleep assisting silk sets, like the Mulberry Silk Duvet and Pillow sets, which are 100% natural, hand finished and filled with high quality mulberry silk for a blissfully cosy and light night sleep, are the best pick for those who love a bit of luxury.

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5. Ensure you’re keeping cosy in the run up to winter

With winter creeping ever closer, it’s the right time of year to make sure that your sleep set-up is keeping you cosy. If you’re someone who feels the cold (we can definitely relate), this is especially important. Investing in a bedspread or throw for extra warmth, is a great starting point – we love the timeless simplicity of the John Lewis & Partners Herringbone Stitch Bedspread. 

For extra comfort (and to give your bedroom that cosy feel we all crave during winter) we’d also recommend taking a look through the John Lewis & Partners Cosy Night Essentials. We can’t get enough of this John Lewis & Partners Hottie (particularly the Scandi-feel of the antique white finish) and these gorgeous John Lewis & Partners Gemma Floral Print Pyjamas - they’re cotton, which allows for temperature regulation while allowing your skin to breathe. 

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6. Set the mood for sleeping

In addition to sleep optimised, high quality bedding, it’s important to think about whether the environment you’re sleeping in promotes rest and relaxation.

We’d recommend opting for a neutral colour scheme in the bedroom, as this will help to calm the mind. Minimising light should also remain at the core of interiors designed around restful sleep, so it's worth investing in a black out blind – the BlocOut Made to Measure Blackout Roller Blind does just this. 

With this set-up in place, we'd recommend choosing a stylish bedside lamp as this will reduce harsh light and encourage the body to unwind gradually – we love this Marble Bulbholder.

Embracing smart home tech? The Philips Hue Beyond LED Table Lamp connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you choose from multi-coloured mood lighting and warm white task lighting option; setting the mood for sleeping from your phone. 

For help sleeping, the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a saviour for many, with a few spritzes working a treat and, if you’re really interested in monitoring your sleep, the Nokia Sleep Smart Sensor is a handy investment that allows you to closely track your sleeping pattern and discover just how effective your new bedding set up has been.

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