The best garden recliner chairs

Lie back and catch some rays in a luxurious recliner for your garden

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Looking to buy the best garden furniture this summer? Garden recliner chairs are a must for garden lounging, and there’s nothing better than taking a nap in the sun at the weekend before firing up the barbie and enjoying a few cold beers. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best garden recliners currently on the market that are both stylish and comfortable for your lazy summer days.  

When considering what garden recliners are best for you, material is a big factor. If you go for wooden garden furniture, like the John Lewis Venice 'Steamer' Sunlounger, then remember that these look stylish but do require some upkeep. You’ll need to stain them every summer to ensure they keep their new, pristine finish; otherwise the wood will fade and deteriorate over time. 

Metal chairs like the Monaco St Grey Pair of Zero Gravity Loungers don’t require as much maintenance but will need to be covered over or stored away when not in use to ensure they don’t rust. You may also want to consider if your recliner comes with cushions, as this will be something else you need to factor into your budget if not. Check out the full list below for some garden inspiration.  

The best garden recliner chair

1. John Lewis Venice 'Steamer' Sunlounger

A comfortable and stylish wooden recliner

Reasons to buy
+ Five reclining positions 

This classic wooden sunlounger is perfect for anyone wanting to relax in their back garden this summer. With five reclining positions and a cushion included, you can find the best positioning to soak up the rays all afternoon. It folds away so it’s easy to store and carry, and the robust frame can take a maximum weight of 20 stone. It is however, a little small for anyone over 6ft, but those who have this recliner find it to be very comfortable and sturdy and also say it weathers well so you won’t have too much upkeep either.  

Monaco St Grey Pair of Zero Gravity Loungers

2. Monaco St Grey Pair of Zero Gravity Loungers

A set of metal recliners for chilling in the garden

Reasons to buy
+ Easy to fold and store 

This set of two metal garden recliner chairs is lightweight and easy to position for the perfect sunbathing angle. They fold away neatly, making them easy to store in a shed or garage so they do not rust. These recliners also have integrated seating pads and head rests for the most comfortable recline and they come with a handy drinks' holder and well for your phone; the ultimate luxury garden recliner.

Catania Garden Sun Lounger

3. Catania Garden Sun Lounger

A minimalist recliner on wheels for ease of movement

Reasons to buy
+ Robust design 

This minimalist garden recliner is a simple design that is both robust and comfortable. With wheels on one end, this lounger is easy to move around the garden until you find your perfect position, and also makes it easy to take inside and store. Its adjustable back rest has four positions to choose from and the cushion is included for added comfort and style. The frame can withstand the elements but it is recommended to move inside or cover if it rains. 

Lafuma Futura Sunlounger

4. Lafuma Futura Sunlounger

A sturdy and strong recliner which won’t wear easily

Reasons to buy
+ UV resistant material 

If you’re out in the garden every chance you get, then this garden recliner is a great design to have. The frame and fabric are UV resistant, anti-fungal and tear resistant, so you can expect this lounger to last very well. It’s fully adjustable with a removable headrest and it is also easy to maintain and wipe clean. Users say it is reasonably lightweight so it can also be taken on days out to the beach and it is said to be smooth and easy to collapse and recline at your leisure.  

Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger 2-Person

5. Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger 2-Person

Double recliners with a sun roof for extra shade

Reasons to buy
+ Removable sun roof 

For the ultimate luxury day in the sun, these double garden recliner chairs with a sun roof are the way to go. There’s room for two of you to relax in the sun with four different backrest positions and then you can also place the sunroof overhead if you need a bit of shade throughout the day. These garden recliner chairs do require some assembly and the canopy will need to be removed during bad weather to avoid poles snapping. Customers found this sun lounger set to be very comfortable and great for putting your feet up. All textile covers are also machine washable making it easy to clean and maintain. 

OLÉRON Solid Teak Sun Lounger

6. OLÉRON Solid Teak Sun Lounger

A lighter stained wooden recliner chair

Reasons to buy
+ Sturdy and reliable 

The light colour of this teak garden reclining chair is one that wouldn’t look out of place on a patio, decking or lawn. Its elongated design and three-position back give you enough room to sit up and read a book or lie down and soak up the rays, but you do need to purchase the cushion separately. You will need to look after the wood to keep it looking fresh by ensuring you store the recliner chair away when not in use. 

Suntime Monte Carlo Rocking Sunlounger

7. Suntime Monte Carlo Rocking Sunlounger

Rock yourself to sleep in this comfy curved garden recliner chair

Reasons to buy
+ Head cushion for extra comfort+ No adjustable recline 

This sun lounger is already set in a recline position and is on a rocking base which makes for a comfy position to rest in. With armrests and a head cushion you can expect to easily drift off in this floating recliner very easily.  Customers found this chair easy to assemble and fully supportive when in use but say that the rocking mechanism isn’t for everyone.  

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