The best dining tables

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and so do dining tables. From family gatherings to a meal for one, we name the best dining tables available to purchase right now

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A lot of your life will revolve around your dining table; it’s not only a place to eat, it’s a place to gather, a place to argue and a place to laugh. 

With that the case, it's certainly worth putting some thought into purchasing your next dining table. Should it be marble or wood? Homely or stylish? Large or small? We’ve researched the best dining tables on the market and put them all here in one place. 

Our list features a range of dining tables, so it’s pretty certain that you will find one to meet your requirements. From 6-seater dining tables that fit all the family, to extendable dining tables that increase in size to fit additional guests on special occasions, there is something to suit a variety of tastes and purposes.

Included in our list are also dining tables to meet all budgets. Our list offers great value tables from high street stores and premium tables from exclusive brands, so read on to find a dining table that not only matches your budget, but your interior design and existing themes too. 

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1.John Lewis Calia 190-290cm Extending Dining Table

If there’s 4 of you one day and 10 of you the next, making sure everyone fits round comfortably has never been easier with this extendable dining table.

Best for: Large Families
Material: Solid American Oak and Iron
Seats: Up to 10
Size: H76cmxW190-290cmxD95cm
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy and kid proof+A blend of modern and traditional
Reasons to avoid
-Wood can mark if hot objects are placed on it 

This stunning wooden extendable table blends the traditional with the modern to create a sturdy and hard wearing product that is sure to make a great feature of any kitchen or dining room.  Made from quality American Oak, this table has the ability to withstand many years of mealtimes, dinner parties and family gatherings.  Make sure to pair the table with some beautiful placemats and coasters to prevent steaming mugs of tea and hot dinner plates from making ring marks on the wood.  

2. Linea Empire 1.8 Dining Table

Want a dining table that warrants the ‘wow factor?’ This one does.

Best for: Statement Piece
Material: Solid Marble
Seats: Up to 6
Size: H76cmxW180cmxD100cm
Reasons to buy
+Impress your guests+Easy to clean
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly pricey  

With its bold lines and modern shapes, this table is worthy of being the star of the show - minus your fantastic cooking of course! Carved from solid marble, you’ll struggle to find a 6-seater dining table that provides the same sense of grandeur as the Linea Empire 1.8 Dining Table.  Let’s not forget that dining tables are for eating on, so luckily for you, splatters of spag bol and sunday dinner won’t be ruining its glossy coat.  Easy to wipe clean and virtually indestructible, the generous price tag doesn’t seem so daunting when you know it will be a faultless feature of your home far into the future.  

3. Giovani Black/White High Gloss Glass Dining Table and 4 Black Montero Chairs

Looking for a sleek and stylish feature? This black gloss table will do the trick nicely

Best for: Modern
Material: Glass, leather, metal
Seats : 4
Size: H75cmxW70xL120cm
Reasons to buy
+Sleek, minimalist design+Won't take up too much space
Reasons to avoid
-Smudges may show on black gloss

With it's gloss black finish and plush leather chairs, this sophisticated dining table will look effortlessly sleek set against modern interiors. It's big enough to comfortable sit 4 people without compromising on elbow room, but small enough so so it doesn't impose too much on space. Contrasting the linear gloss black finish of the tabletop with the white oval support column, it contrasts black with white and curves with lines to give it a stylish, modern finish. 

4. Harbour Housewares 2 Person Space Saving Dining Table

Is your home a little bijoux? This little Harbour Housewares Dining Table will sit comfortably in a corner

Best for: Compact
Material: Wood and Metal
Seats: 2
Size: H75.5cmxW47cmxD90
Reasons to buy
+Perfect for small homes+Very affordable
Reasons to avoid
- Lacks a bit of finesse 

Tired of stooping over your dinner as you attempt to eat it from your lap? This 2-seater dining table is a cute little addition that won’t break the bank. Tuck it into the corner of your kitchen and slide the chairs underneath the table when not in use to make it even more compact. At less than £100, you are paying for function over quality, but that doesn’t mean that its wood and metal composition isn’t sturdy or won’t last.  An added bonus is that chairs are included in the price, which means you get a complete dining set with just one click of a button.  

5. John Lewis Luna Extendable Dining Table

A clean and simple approach to mealtimes

Best for: Extendable Dining Table
Material: High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
Seats: : 6-8
Size: H75xW170cm-220cmxD100cm
Reasons to buy
+Simple yet stylish+Appears as a non-extendable dining table
Reasons to avoid
-Floor must be level otherwise it wobbles  

There are no frills to this table; its design is clean, simple and elegant, making it the perfect addition to any modern or contemporary kitchen or dining room.  And if there happens to be any spills, you can easily wipe clean its high pressure laminate body. The designers have managed to create a table that integrates the mechanisms to store and operate the extendable leaf without compromising on its sleek appearance. And a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than our number one table, who says a quality extendable table has to be expensive? 

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