The best desk fans for keeping cool in the summer

Keep cool and fluster-free with our selection of the best desk fans for warm summer days

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Working from home has so many advantages - cut out your commute time, style your office to your personal taste and feel less distracted by what’s going on around you. A sacrifice you may make, however, is the office air conditioning unit, which is essential to keeping employees cool during the warm summer days. 

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many windows you open, or how wide your French doors are, if there’s no breeze and you’re battling with a south facing office window, you’ll feel no difference whatsoever… which leads us nicely onto the subject of this article - the desk fan. 

In an ideal world, you may want to install your home with an air conditioning system, but when you’re reminded that a hot summer’s day in the UK is few and far between, it may not be the most cost-effective way of cooling you down. Desk fans are the next best thing, and when there are so many super-powerful ones on the market, you’re almost guaranteed to feel cooler. 

Desk fans are usually small and portable, making them an ideal size for sitting beside your computer and easy to move if you need to put them away again for a couple of days. While many desk fans are powerful enough to send a breeze across the length of your home office, others are less powerful, but stand a lesser chance of blowing over your organised paper piles and provide the perfect breeze if you’re sitting a couple of feet in front of them. 

While most desk fans have a fairly generic appearance, some offer a more modern or retro style, and may even contribute to the look of your office if that’s something you’re looking for. Most desk fans are similar in size, although there’s also USB ones that are ultra-compact and very convenient for placing on small desks. Another factor to consider is noise. Some are designed with low noise in mind, but that may mean you compromise on the level of breeze that it produces. 

Our list features a range of desk fans. From quiet to standard, retro to modern, we have you covered when it comes to cooling down your home office on a hot summer’s day. 

1. Dyson Cool Desk Fan

A modern, futuristic desk fan for an energy efficient cool breeze

Best for: Modern style
Power: 26W
Size: H55.2xW35.6xD10cm
Variable speed: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Sleek and stylish + Ten airflow settings 
Reasons to avoid
- Airflow not as powerful as other fans on the list 

Dyson have ensured users benefit from the best possible output and user experience, thanks to its modern design, sleek appearance and compact size. There are no blades, and because it features Air Multiplier technology, all you get to experience is uninterrupted airflow and the full impact of its Quiet Mark accreditation. It’s not just modern in its appearance; this fan has a remote control to switch between the 10 airflow settings, ensuring that you always receive the perfect amount of breeze. Quiet, safe, stylish and multi-functional, this desk fan features everything you need to create the best working environment for you.  

2. Swan Retro Desk Fan

We visit the other end of the spectrum with this retro fan

Best for: Retro style
Power: 45W
Size: H47xW35xD26.5cm
Variable speed: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ 3 speed settings + Adjustable tilt and oscillating 
Reasons to avoid
- Not particularly quiet 

A desk fan can contribute to the overall appearance of your home office just as well as any other purposeful object. Featuring a cream coloured exterior, this retro desk fan is old-style without compensating on the advantages of today's’ technology. There’s 3 speed settings to adjust the breeze and you can angle the head in a direction that you see fit. Reviewers seem very impressed with the powerfulness of the fan, and commend the fact that it’s fairly quiet compared to others. If you think you may become distracted by the noise, you may want to go for a fan that has a Quiet Mark accreditation, such as our first pick.  

3. Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan

A powerful desk fan built with quietness in mind

Best for: Quietness
Power: 40W
Size: H26xW28xD14.5cm
Variable speed: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Can be wall mounted + Blades are designed for quietness 
Reasons to avoid
- Not oscillating 

This powerful fan is quiet for the level of breeze it’s able to emit, although some reviewers find it is still a little too noisy for them. If you’re worried about finding space on your desk to put a fan, this one features a wall mount, so you can keep it out of the way if required. With three power speeds, you can choose the level of breeze that you need, and bearing in mind that some reviewers find even the lowest setting powerful, you’re guaranteed to keep cool on those really hot days. While it doesn’t oscillate, you can angle the fan in any direction you wish, which may be handy if you don’t want to blow over piles of perfectly organised documents. 

4. Senpaic USB Mini Table Fan

A tiny desk fan, for taking up as little space as possible

Best for: Small size
Power: 2.5W
Size: H14.7xW14.5xD9.7cm
Variable speed: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Takes up minimal amount of room + 2 speed settings 
Reasons to avoid
- Not as powerful as others 

If you’re looking for a fan that’ll produce enough of a breeze to cool you down but not disrupt the paper organisation in your office, this one could be the answer. With a power of 2.5W, you’re not looking at the level of breeze that other fans on this list produce, but it’s fairly quiet, and won’t take up too much room on your desk.  Available to purchase in white or black, there’s a certain amount of choice when it comes to choosing the best colour for your home office. Bear in mind that it only comes packaged with a USB power cable, which does limit to where you can put it. 

5. Opolar Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan

Sometimes the best are the most basic

Best for: USB-powered
Power: 2.5W
Size: H18.5 x W20.1 x D7.6cm
Variable speed: No
Reasons to buy
+ Very pocket friendly + Available to purchase with either a bronze or black exterior 
Reasons to avoid
- Not particularly portable 

If you’re looking for a budget solution to staying cool in the summer, this mini USB desk may provide the solution. It’s simple in its technological ability, with only one speed, but reviewers find it is the perfect level for keeping cool. Because it’s USB, you can only power it through your laptop or PC, however that does mean it consumes far less energy than a mains powered fan. This fan is available to purchase in two different sizes, 4” and 6”, so you can ensure that you invest in the right one for your desk space.

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