The best home security systems to protect your home

Choose the best home security systems – cameras, sirens and motion sensors – to protect your home from intruders

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To make sure that your property is protected against any potential criminal activity, investing in a home security system is certainly the way to go. While having a burglar alarm is definitely worthwhile, a home security system will allow you to monitor the areas where you have chosen to place your cameras and receive warnings triggered by sensors around the home. 

Find out why you might need a smart home security system for your property.

The best home security system

1. Canary All-In-One Security System

A simple, high quality system that won’t look out of place in your living room

Reasons to buy
+ Compact security system in one smart hub 

This all-in-one security system monitors your home while looking sleek and stylish at the same time. Whether you place it on your coffee table or your sideboard, the high quality camera will stream real-time video to the app, enabling you to check in to your home wherever you happen to be. If your device happens to pick up anything out of the ordinary, it’ll send a notification to your phone so you can see what’s happening and, with a 90+ dB siren, plus automatic connection to local authorities, you can be certain that assistance is never far off if your home is at risk.  

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

2. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

A touch more intelligent, a touch more expensive, but still super stylish

Reasons to buy
+ Built in speaker allows for two way talking 

Although not as subtle in appearance as the Canary, the Nest Cam certainly won’t look out of place amongst your living room smart tech. It’ll live stream video to the app on your phone in full HD, with the wide-angle view enabling you to pan out and view a large proportion of your room. If you’re at work and you want to check in with everyone at home, the Nest Cam allows you to two way communicate with the people in the room. With its intelligent motion sensor, the camera sends notifications to your phone to alert you to any out-of-the-ordinary movements and a Nest Aware subscription opens up a whole host of other intelligent features, too.  

Panasonic's KX-HN6012EW Home Monitoring & Control Kit

3. Panasonic's KX-HN6012EW Home Monitoring & Control Kit

An intelligent system that does more than just protect your home

Reasons to buy
+ Subscription-free service 

This clever security system from Panasonic is perfect for larger properties. In the box, you receive a camera capable of two way communication, a motion sensor, a window and door sensor and a smart plug that you can use to control lights and appliances. All of the devices connect together over ULE, rather than Wi-Fi and the system can work over a range over 300 metres, so you can ensure your entire property is protected. Using a combination of the smart plug and the app, you can set up your smart home, too. As with the other cameras, the Panasonic home security system can live stream to your phone and send you notifications triggered by the sensors.  

Yale Smart Home Alarm

4. Yale Smart Home Alarm

A smart, intricate system with the price point to match

Reasons to buy
+ Fully expandable to up to 20 pieces 

Whether you’re setting the alarm system using the number keypad, tuning into the real time video via the app or using the smart plugs to remotely control the lights from wherever you happen to be, Yale gives you free rein to design the best home security system for your home. There’s a vast array of accessories that you can connect up to your system, including key fobs and key pads, a smoke detector and a pet friendly PIR motion detector. Those worried about connecting their system up will pleased to learn that Yale pre-connect the elements to the hub, so it’s just case of putting a component in its rightful position.  

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

5. Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

A basic smart home security system hybrid that hooks up to Alexa

Reasons to buy
+ Easily connect cameras, speakers and other smart accessories 

Although the starting kit doesn’t include a camera, you can easily connect video cameras from Arlo and Samsung. The pack does come with three sensors – the Multi Sensor, Motion Sensor and Presence Sensor – which will provide you with accurate notifications should there be a reason for you to be alarmed. You can hook the system up to the Amazon Echo, which will enable you to pre-set tasks while you’re asleep, such as turning on the coffee machine. With the option to also connect up Bose speakers, connected door locks and a Moisture Sensor, this should be a great home security system once it’s fully set up. 

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