Pancake Day: 8 essentials for success on Shrove Tuesday

With Pancake Day just around the corner, we've pulled together a list of essentials to ensure you have everything you need this Shrove Tuesday

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This year, Pancake Day (yes, for any non-British readers, we really do have a day dedicated entirely to pancakes) falls on Tuesday 25 February 2020. And we can't wait. To get everyone in the spirit and to prevent any last minute mishaps, we've pulled together our Pancake Day essentials, ensuring you have everything you need this Shrove Tuesday.

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1. A flour sieve

sifting flour

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Sifting the flour prior to making pancake batter is essential if you want a smooth, lump-free mixture. It's really worth doing and will give you a better pancake texture. You can use a traditional round sieve, or a cup-shaped one with a handle for ease of use. 

2. A large mixing bowl 


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Once you've settled on a pancake recipe, you're going to need a big mixing bowl to stir everything together. Seems like a basic piece of kitchen equipment, but you'd be surprised how many people don't have them.

We like the 3ltr Pyrex Glass Bowl, available at Amazon. 

3. The best ladle

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The only tool that's really suitable for moving pancake mix between a mixing bowl and frying pan is a ladle. Forget spoons – you need a proper, deep ladle. 

This KitchenCraft Professional Stainless Steel Soup Ladle is an affordable option that will not only see you through this Pancake Day, but many more to come.

4. The best frying pan for pancakes

Le Creuset toughened non-stick shallow frying pan

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What's the best frying pan for pancakes? It should have three qualities: 1) it should be shallow; 2) it should be weighty and substantial; 3) it must be non-stick. Look for the perfect fusion of the three for the perfect stack. 

Our guide to the best non-stick frying pans talks you through all the available options, but in our opinion it doesn't get much better than the Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Shallow Frying Pan, available at Amazon.

5. A great whisk 

When it comes to mixing your pancake butter, a nice, large whisk will make all the difference for beating enough air into the mixture. Don't attempt whisking your pancake batter with a fork – you could end up with something resembling scrambled egg. You want the ideal whisk to be large and bulb-shaped for best results.

Pancakes with berries

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6. A funky pancake mould (if you're feeling fun)

Looking to go all out this Pancake Day? A pancake mould is exactly what you're looking for and it doesn't get much cuter than the Dangshan Silicone Baking Mould, available at Amazon.

Use this handy contraption to create the perfect round, heart or star shaped pancakes and bring extra joy to the (already joyful) day dedicated to pancakes.

Banana pancakes with berries and syrup in top

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7. A handy spatula (if you can't master the pancake flip)

While we all dream of masterfully flipping pancakes, in reality our sweet treats could often use a little extra help to get them over. If you don't have a spatula at hand, now could be the time to pick one up.

This KitchenCraft Master Class Slotted Turner isn't fancy, but it more than does the job.

8. A crepe maker (for hard-core pancakers)

Breville VTP130 Traditional Crèpe Maker - Black

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If you prefer your pancakes to be thin and more crepe-like, or you plan on making pancakes more often than once a year, you might consider investing in a handy crepe maker.

It doesn't get much better than the Breville Traditional Crepe Maker, available at Robert Dyas, which benefits from super speedy heat-up times. Top finished crepes with lashings of lemon and sugar or fill with cheddar, sundried tomatoes and rocket if you prefer things to be a little more savoury.

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