Nespresso vs Tassimo: which should you buy and what's the difference?

Nespresso vs Tassimo are both great coffee makers. Use our guide to find out which is best for you

Tassimo coffee machine on a wooden worktop
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In the market for a good coffee machine? The decision Nespresso vs Tassimo can be a very tricky one! Both are some of the best coffee machines you can buy when it comes to style, ease of use and value for money, so how should you decide? 

We've compiled this handy guide detailing all the ins and outs of Nespresso's and Tassimo's flagship models – the Nespresso Vertuo Plus and the Tassimo My Way 2. So have a read, weigh up the pros and cons and find yourself the perfect coffee machine.

With Black Friday sales well underway, now's the perfect time to invest in an appliance, there's many deals on at the moment so don't hang around too long.

Nespresso vs Tassimo: How much do they cost? 

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Nespresso coffee machines start from around £70 and go up to around £450, depending on their offering. Be aware that Nespresso offers two sorts of pods: Original and Vertuo so ensure you match machine to pod type. There's also the option to buy the machine for just £1 when you sign up to a subscription. 

The 2 year subscription costs £25 a month. This money is converted into Nespresso credit, so you can choose from their range of pods of accessories every month. 

Tassimo coffee machines vary from £99.99 to £139.99, depending on the machines capabilities and size.

Which Nespresso machine should you buy?

Nespresso coffee machine in black

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For the best Nespresso coffee machine, we're recommend the Vertuo Plus. It's sleek, classic and simple to use.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The best Nespresso machine


Pod type: Vertuo
Water tank capacity: 1.7 litres
Dimensions: 40.79 x 38.5 x 28.4 cm

Reasons to buy

Sleek and contemporary
Easy to top up
One button prep
Five cup sizes

Reasons to avoid

Could be too large for some countertops

The Vertuo Plus is hands down one of the best coffee machines we've tried. It heats up really fast so you don't have to wait around long in the morning, and it can make five different drink lengths by using different capsule types. While the machine is fairly large, the clever design means the water tank can pivot, so you should be able to slot it into your space perfectly. 

For a budget-friendly machine, it feels premium to use. This is in part due to the range of delicious taste notes available with Nespresso's own pods, and for real coffee lovers, you can also buy compatible pods with indie coffee brands.

We've seen this coffee machine for sale for as little as £70, which is a great deal for such a sleek and sophisticated model. 

Which Tassimo machine should you buy? 

Tassimo My Way 2 coffee machine with coffees

(Image credit: Tassimo)

If you're looking to buy a Tassimo coffee maker, we're recommend the Tassimo My Way 2. This is one of the best Tassimo machines as it has an in-built Brita filter to ensure the cleanest water and makes your coffees coffee-shop quality every time. 

The compact design will sit neatly on any countertop, and it's also available in black, white, cream and red.

Tassimo My Way 2

The best Tassimo machine


Pod type: Tassimo
Water tank capacity: 1.3 litres
Dimensions: 28.5 x 22.8 x 34cm

Reasons to buy

Sleek and modern
Easy to adjust coffee style
Memory function stores your favourite coffees
Brita filter

Reasons to avoid

Retro style may not work in all kitchens

Nespresso vs Tassimo: Black Friday deals

Both Nespresso and Tassimo are some of the best pod coffee machines you can buy in terms of their quality, coffee taste, looks and value for money. While they are an investment buy, Black Friday is the best time to buy them, and every year they really do have some amazing deals.

We're expecting to see a return of some of our favourite savings on both models this Black Friday. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is on sale for just £69 at John Lewis and £81.27 at Amazon. The Tassimo My Way 2 is currently on sale for just £87.50 at Amazon and just 50% off at

Nespresso vs Tassimo: Will either look good on your worktop?

In an answer, yes. The Nespresso machine is larger, so may be more suited to bigger kitchens, or kitchens with more worktop space. The design is sleek and simple and elegant, so perfectly suited to sit back in any style kitchen. The design is available in Titan, Silver and Piano Black– all colours are sleek and super contemporary. 

The Tassimo My Way 2 has a curvy, almost retro feel, giving it a quirky statement edge. As a smaller model, it's sure to fit into most sized kitchens without taking up too much room. Available in black, white, cream and red, you have the option to go for a statement colour if you so wish.

Nespresso vs Tassimo: Which drinks can you make?

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus allow you to make five key coffee sizes - Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and Alto (Alto being a large mug of black coffee). This machine is perfect for anyone who's a real coffee connoisseur, as the simple black coffees in various sizes allow you to get the full flavour of each of the pods. 

If you're an avid cappuccino or latte fan however, you will need to purchase a milk frother separately. This are fairly inexpensive to buy and take up little extra room on your counter top.

Similarly, the Tassimo My Way 2 also allows you to make various sized black Americanos. The 'My favourite’ memory function allows you to save up to four different settings of drink intensity, temperature and volume, so your perfect brew can be only one click away every time. Just like the Nespresso Vertuo Plus, if it's cappuccinos and lattes that you're after, you'll need to buy a separate milk frother. 

Nespresso vs Tassimo: Can the pods be recycled?

Yes. Nespresso pods can be recycled in three ways. You can bring your used capsules to one of their collection points, drop them at your nearest Nespesso Boutique waste collection centre, or if your subscribe to regular pod delivieries, the post man can take your used pods away to be recycled. 

Tassimo is a founding partner of Podback, a recycling service for coffee pods. You can either arrange to have the pods collected from your front door or you can take them to your nearest Collect+ store. 

Nespresso vs Tassimo: What about milk frothing?

Both of these machines don't come with milk frothing capabilities. But milk frothers are relatively inexpensive and take up minimal extra room on your worktop. 

Nespresso vs Tassimo: Which machine makes better coffee?

The most important question of them all. Both Nespresso and Tassimo pods are available in a range of coffee flavours - so you can experiment with various tastes from various parts of the world and find the coffee that hits the spot for you. 

Both machines produce one drink at a time, and require a separate milk frother for milky drinks. We can confirm that both machines make delicious coffee, but as for which tastes better, you'll have to try them out for yourselves. 

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