9 fall dorm decor picks to embrace crunchy leaf szn on campus

For all my fall girlies

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After spending a good chunk of your summer scrolling and shopping around for cute dorm decor, you're probably an expert in campus-friendly picks. Who knew it would be so difficult to personalize a room the size of a closet? I wouldn't blame you if you're done with dorm shopping for the rest of eternity, but I've also gotta let you know that the coziest, most aesthetic season is here. You don't have to miss out on decorating just because you live in a dorm. 

One of the best parts of fall is transforming your space into one that matches autumn's vibe. You want your room to feel like a hug on rainy Friday nights you spend curled up in bed watching Netflix (no FOMO here). Or maybe you'd like your space to reflect the same colors of the trees and pumpkin-themed decor piling up outside. Either way, there are some super easy ways to give your dorm the fall decor treatment, and I've already picked them out for you. So sip that praline caramel latte and feast your eyes on these.

The best fall decor to cozy up your dorm room

Your dorm might be teeny tiny, but it's totally possible to dress it up for the seasons. If you're a big fan of fall (same!), these cute decor items are dorm-friendly and RA-approved.

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